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Adventures[edit | edit source]

Adventures are fun daily events that players can choose to participate in. To open the Adventure menu, players can find the Adventure button along the left-hand of the UI, or press hot-key “P”. Each event is unique, with their own particular requirements, objectives, and rewards. All Adventures require the player to teleport to a specific location: some take place on instanced maps, while others take place in particular locations in the Open World. Note: This article is a work in progress! Help us fill it out to share the knowledge about Black Gold Online!

Trial of the Brave[edit | edit source]

Take on waves of enemies with this challenging PvE Arena. On the road to glory, only the brave will survive this trial.

The Trial of the Brave pits players against wave after wave of NPCs from the opposing faction. Players must kill all the NPCs within the allotted time to move on to the next round. Every 8 rounds, there will be a powerful boss that the player must defeat. Once the player defeats a boss, they will begin all subsequent Trials at the next round. The more waves a player makes it through, the larger the eventual reward. Trial of the Brave offers players experience and treasure chests for their efforts.

Lion’s Den[edit | edit source]

Go deep under cover in the enemy capital to steal vital, secret documents for the war effort!

Players will be teleported to the capital of one of the races from the opposing faction. Once there, they will be granted the temporary ability to transform themselves into a member of that race. Once their disguise has been donned, players must search out particular NPCs and opposing players to use special skills against in order to obtain the secret documents.

Grand Prix[edit | edit source]

When the checkered flag waves, go for the cup in this awesome race Adventure, the Grand Prix.

Occurring at regular times every day, players who choose to participate in the Grand Prix will teleport to a special race map. Players will line up along the starting line, summoning their personal mounts as the starting time ticks down. When the clock hits zero, the race begins! Along the route, players will dodge obstacles and try to get special boosts as they jockey for first place.

Every weekend, the winners of the weeks Grand Prix races will be eligible to enter a special weekend Grand Prix, with a valuable victory purse for the champion!

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