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"Merciless, effective agents who lurk in the shadows: stalking and executing their targets with lethal precision. As an essential part of the Isenhorst Espionage Network, the assassins are specially trained in the arts of stealth, unleashing the element of surprise upon their foes."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Assassin Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Assassin Skills or click on a skill name in the table below for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Cross Slash Damage 30 + 102% Agility Damage
Primary L04 Shuriken Strike Damage 45 + 103% Physical Attack, AOE
Primary L08 Flee the Scene Support Movement, Dodge Rate, Healing Effect buff
Primary L10 Deadly Dart Damage 29 + 90% Agility
Primary L12 Jugular Rush Damage 61 + 118% Physical Attack, Knockback
Primary L16 Crippling Swipe Damage 79 + 118% Agility, Bleed, Slow
Primary L18 Dagger Dance Damage 90 + 62% Physical Attack x4, Knockdown
Primary L24 Befouled Blade Support Poisons weapon, healing effect and movement speed debuff
Primary L26 Shock and Awe Damage 143 + 146% Physical Attack, Knockback
Primary L32 Friend of the Darkness Support Super Armor, removes all debuffs
Mid-level L06 Disorienting Strike Damage, Control 55 + 97% Agility, Stun
Mid-level L20 Killer Instinct Damage, Support 185 + 182% Physical Attack
Mid-level L22 Embrace of Shadows Support Invisibility
Mid-level L24 Constriction Damage, Control 133 + 144% Physical Attack, Immobilizes
Mid-level L28 Ill Intent Damage 192 + 93% Agility
Mid-level L36 Smoke Bomb Survival AOE Invisibility, AOE Stun
Advanced L18 Dance of Shadows Damage 38 + 72% Physical Attack x8, Super Armor
Advanced L26 Wrath of Darkness Damage 224 + 228% Physical Attack
Advanced L36 Mortal Stab Damage 153 + 92% Physical Attack, Stun
Passive L01 Nimble Steps Passive +10% Dodge Rate and +5% Critical Hit Rate
Class Assassin man.png Class Assassin woman.png
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