Beastmaster Skills

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Beastmaster Skills

Skill Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Primary Skills[edit | edit source]

Level Acquired Skill Description
1 Wounded Prey Deals Xx damage and reduces target's movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.
4 Fury Charge Deals Xx stunning targets and sending them flying.
10 Stubborn Wound Deals Xx damage, at the same time reducing healing effects on target and target's armor by 50%.
10 Wrath of Nature Places a destructive rune underfoot dealing Xx damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
12 Master's Aid Beast Master establishes a Soul Link for 10 seconds with its pet, allowing the pet to take 40% of the Beast Master's damage taken.
14 Spirit Drain Deals Xx damage, and for a duration of 5 seconds, marks targets so that when they are healed, they lose 15% of their MP.
16 Mighty Chop Deals Xx damage, stunning enemies and sending them flying.
18 Frost Rune Place a trap on the ground. Approaching units will be Frozen for 1.5 seconds.
20 Rune of Silence Place a magic trap underfoot. Enemies who trigger the trap will be silenced for 1.5 seconds.
24 Animal Instinct Increases critical hit rate by 15% and detects cloaked enemies for 20 seconds.
28 Hunter's Rally Raises the physical and spell attacks of nearby allies by 5% for 40 seconds. If there are other Beast Masters nearby, caster's attack will be raised by 5%. Can be stacked 4 times. Lasts 180 seconds.

Mid-level Skills[edit | edit source]

Level Acquired Skill Description
6 Berserker Whirl Deals xX damage 3 times.
8 Verdant Roar Deals xX damage to nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed by 90%.
24 Hasty Retreat Boosts movement speed and increases evasion by 60% for 3 seconds.
28 Second Wind Activates Super Armor for 5 seconds, allowing Beast Master's spirit energy to be fully restored and bestowing Fury. Fury: Increases movement speed by 30%. When Beast Master's HP is less than 30%, regenerates xX HP. Last 5 seconds.
32 Glaring Weakness Attaches Glaring Weakness to the enemy and reduces their movement speed by 25%. Your attacks deal an extra xX damage for 10 seconds.
36 Chaos Split Stuns enemies in front for 2 seconds, dealing xX damage.

Advanced Skills[edit | edit source]

Level Acquired Skill Description
18 Brutal Fury Strikes the ground repeatedly, stunning enemies for 2 seconds and dealing xX damage with every strike, allowing your character to be buffed with Super Armor during the channeling period. The last strike will send the enemies flying.
26 Totemic Doom Beast Master summons ancient Beast Totem to deal damage to enemies in the area. After 1.5 seconds, the Totem explodes, dealing a further xX damage.
36 On the Prowl Silences nearby enemies for a duration of 12 seconds, and buffs Beast Master with stealth for a duration of 5 seconds. Upon breaking stealth, Beast Master will deal critical hits for 5 seconds.

Passive Skills[edit | edit source]

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