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Black Gold is a vital energy crystal find in the land of Montel. It is a highly potent material, capturing within it the elemental forces around which it developed. As such, there are different types of Black Gold, such as Water Black Gold, Fire Black Gold, etc.

Background[edit | edit source]

Black Gold is at the center of the conflict taking place in Montel due to it's incredible value and increasing rarity.

The peoples of Erlandir hold Black Gold in high revere as a source of magical power. The mighty Kosh Empire built their strength in eons past, discovering the magical powers to be harnessed from within the crystals. The Erlandir Union fights to preserve Black Gold and to sustain their naturalist and mystical way of life.

The people of Isenhorst have likewise discovered the incredible power hidden within Black Gold. The Lokemean dwarves, and later the Buvont humans, mine the precious resource and refine it, converting it into fuel for their industry and mechanical inventions. However, much of the Black Gold in Isenhorst has run out, and the industrial giant hungers for more.

Black Gold[edit | edit source]

Black Gold is an important resource in Black Gold Online. It is used by players in a variety of ways, including:

  • Storage - Black Gold is necessary to open bag and warehouse space for items, and garage space for Battle Carriers
  • High level Carriers - Black Gold is required for the creation of higher level Battle Carriers
  • Gem Synthesis - creating high level gems and socketing them to gear may cost some Black Gold

There are a number of ways players can acquire Black Gold. They include, among others:

  • Acquiring and opening Time Vials
  • Selling equipment on the auction house
  • Completing Special Events
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