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Black Gold Online is a steampunk and fantasy fused MMORPG from Snail Games. In a race for superiority across the exuberant yet dangerous continent of Montel, two belligerent factions struggle for control of a powerful crystallized energy resource known as Black Gold. The steam-powered mechanical Kingdom of Isenhorst exploits Black Gold as a source of fuel to magnify their military expansion. The mystical eastern Erlandir Union worships the sacred material and uses Black Gold as the source of their elemental powers. In Black Gold Online, it’s steampunk versus fantasy; war machines versus sorcery. Black Gold Online goes into Open Beta on June 20th, 2014. Full release is TBD at this time.

Key features[edit | edit source]

  • Distinctive Art Direction –Mixing cross-cultural themes and motifs into a stunning artistic blend, Black Gold Online combines neo-Victorian Steam punk with tribal, high fantasy concepts to create an exceptional visual experience.
  • Raging Factions – Expansionist industry is pitted against mystical naturalism as the forces of the world muster for the eventual spiral into an all-out resource war, for which there can be only one winner.
  • Multi-dimensional Warfare – fight through perilous dungeons, vicious open world brawls, and deadly battlefields in Black Gold Online’s action combat system. Mix magic with firepower, swordplay with stealth with this challenging and skillful dodge-and-aim fighting style.
  • Personal Vehicles of War – Build and upgrade over 100 distinct personal Battle Carriers; from steam-powered flying machines and mechanized artillery to magical flying dragons and muscled war-beasts, ride into battle with Black Gold Online’s ground-breaking system of combat mounts.

Background Lore[edit | edit source]

The ancient and mysterious land of Montel

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Black Gold Online takes place in the fantasy continent of Montel. The world is divided by East and West, with neo-Victorian steam punk and technology dominating to the west in Isenhorst, and elemental magic and natural mysticism to the east in Erlandir.

The story of Black Gold Online is filled with racial tensions, cultural clashes, migrations, and political intrigue. The two sides of the world developed for thousands of years in complete separation, only to meet in recent memory, with explosive results.

As players enter the game, the two factions have come to a fragile détente as they rally their respective forces for the next great conflict. Players are able to join in this war on either faction, as one of 6 playable races split between the two.

Races[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Isenhorst

  • Buvont – Naturally all-embracing, these human families settled peacefully in the west after their exile. The Buvonts are smart, agile and exceptionally adaptive. The Buvontian dynasty is now accepted to be the ruler of all Isenhorst.
  • Lokemean – Molded in the unrelenting, harsh environments of Isenhorst, the Lokemean Dwarves are the creators of steam technology. The typical dwarf is stout and strong; most are greedy and some take their long beards very seriously.
  • Upyrian – The vampires are amongst the youngest race on the Montel continent, their tragic tale echoes through their hallowed halls. As punishment for their experimentation with steam technology, they’re cursed to unnatural lives of endless misery and blood thirst. Led by the exiled prince Delfara, they hunger for vengeance.

Erlandir Union

  • Kosh – The enigmatic Kosh are an ancient race that long ago ruled the lands now comprising the Magic alignment. The Kosh believe they are the children of the Sun God, who bestowed them with exceptional intelligence and the gifts of elemental magic.
  • Yuton – Once a free people, the Yutons could not withstand the Kosh and soon became a subservient protectorate state. Capricious yet traditional, curious yet reserved, they are light on their feet and roam the forests freely.
  • Aurek – A barbaric race of shape-shifters and tamers native to the Wind Whisper Plains. Seen by other races as primitive, they have a close spiritual connection with nature and beasts in particular. Most notably, they inject themselves with Black Gold as a coming of age rite, allowing them amazing shape-shifting abilities.

Classes[edit | edit source]

As the war begins, players can join the fight as one of 12 playable classes. 18 classes will be available at full release.

Game Play[edit | edit source]

Character Creation[edit | edit source]

As players enter Black Gold Online, they must choose their faction, race and class to create their character. Each of the different races have racial specific traits, as well as their own starting areas and unique story-lines. A players class will dictate the types of skills, equipment, and roles they can take advantage of in the game.

Players will also have the ability to make important aesthetic choices to their character, such as their gender and appearance. Players can choose through presets, randomize features, or use sliders to hand create their own characters.

Combat System[edit | edit source]

Black Gold Online features an action combat system. When fighting mobs of NPCs and enemy characters, players in Black Gold Online will need to manage different types of abilities, aim attacks, and dodge.

Types of Abilities

  • Ranged vs Melee – attacks can either be dealt from long-range or using a melee weapon
  • Magic vs Physical – all attacks will either deal magic or physical damage. Physical attacks use “Rage” while magic attacks use “Magic”.

  • Single-target – lock on to a target, must be facing the target and within range in order for the ability to work
  • Area of Effect (AoE) – place a symbol on the ground, ability will have effect within that area. If ranged, must be within range to use
  • Projectile/Crash box – Ranged projectiles or melee will affect any enemies that the attack lands on

  • Buffs and debuffs – many abilities will temporarily offer buffs for themselves and their teammates or debuffs (freezing, armor break, etc.) against their enemies.

Battle Carriers[edit | edit source]

Black Gold Online features a unique and revolutionary system of combat mounts, called Battle Carriers. Players create and upgrade their own Battle Carriers, which have persistent damage and fuel requirements, as well as their own attacks and abilities. These Battle Carriers are unique to each faction, with mechanized vehicles for Isenhorst and mythical beasts for Erlandir. There are over 100 distinct Battle Carriers, falling into 5 basic classes:

  • Raid – fast and light carriers used for hunting down players on foot
  • Assault – powerful armored carriers, deadly against other carriers
  • Siege- heavily armored slow carriers, used for attack defensive structures
  • Aerial– fast, flying carriers, nimbly lethal against Assault carriers
  • Anti-air– specialized carriers with target locking abilities, effective against Aerial

Activities[edit | edit source]

Questing[edit | edit source]

One of the major methods for leveling a character is through participating in Quests. There are major plot quests as well as a number of side quests. Each race has their own basic starting area, and their own unique line of plot quests.

The quests lead the player out into the world, explaining the various subfactions and antagonists and revealing new parts of the map, as well as presenting new features of the game.

Open World[edit | edit source]

The in-game map of Montel is a massive explorable world, with many unique environments and landscapes. At the time of the Open Beta, some sections of the map are still in development, and will be included in full release.

When viewing the map, areas that have not yet been explored will be grey. As players move closer to particular areas, the map can also reveal details such as Outbreaks and particular Non-Player Characters (NPCs) nearby.

Players must explore the world to discover new landscapes, hidden treasures, and special side quests. For example, hidden throughout the open world are Chambers of Greed. These Chambers are special hidden dungeons, the entrance to which players must find for themselves.

Open world Player vs Player (PvP) combat is also a major feature of the game. Players of opposing factions are blood enemies, and as players move towards the middle of the map into contested regions of the Montel, they will find opportunities to fight enemy players. In addition, players at level 16 may toggle Slaughter Mode, allowing them to kill members of their own faction at will.

Adventures[edit | edit source]

Black Gold Online features a number of special activities players may choose to participate in called Adventures. Adventures are locked by certain levels, and some happen at particular times of day. Each Adventure is different, offering particular challenges and rewards.

Military Battlefields[edit | edit source]

Players have the option to participate in large scale PvP battles at the Blood Fang Citadel in the Military Battlefield. On this special battle map, players fight for control of flags on top of a contested mountain between the two factions. The battles are factional based, with Isenhorst fighting on one side and Erlandir on the other.

Mounted combat plays a major role in the Military Battlefield. Players can summon their personal Battle Carriers, or take advantage of certain lower level Battle Carriers available at bases on the map.

Players acquire Honor Points for killing other players on the Military Battlefield. These points are tied to their Military Rank. As players ascend the ranks, they will have access to better Battle Carriers, as well as a daily “Officer’s Salary.”

Battlefields, Arenas, Instances, Outbreaks[edit | edit source]

There are a number of special instanced and open world activities that allow players to team up or fight against their fellow players.

Battlefields: players can join in 10vs10 and 25vs25 footed team battles. These Battlefields have their own unique maps, objectives and prizes.

Arenas: players can go 1 on 1 with other players. Arenas have a “Might Score” arena, in which players can battle others using their own gear, and a “Balanced” arena, where players will receive a standard set of gear before fighting begins.

Instances: Players can team up in special raid dungeons and maps. They can use the automatic matchmaking function, or party up with friends and enter these Instances directly.

Outbreaks: Dynamic open world events, these include world bosses and other random challenges that players can take on alone or with friends. They happen spontaneously in the world, so keep an eye out!

Energy Wells and Guilds[edit | edit source]

Black Gold Online features a deep Guild system, with end-game Guild competition in the form of Energy Wells.

Guilds have a “Technology” level which will grant certain benefits to Guild members. This level is upgraded using resources donated to the Guild by its members, or acquired by controlling an Energy Well.

Energy Wells are areas of the map that players can battle for control of. Every weekend the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union battle for factional control of these Energy Wells. In the following week, the Guilds of each faction battle among themselves for personal control of these Energy Wells.

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