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"The vanguard of Erlandir forces, charging into combat with their menacing greatswords. These seasoned veterans are armed with strong survival and crowd control abilities. They are highly adaptable warriors, adroitly switching from offensive to defensive stances in frenetic battles."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Blademaster Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Blademaster Skills for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Cunning Charge Damage, Support 30 + 78% Physical Attack, Taunts
Primary L04 Riptide Strike Damage, Support 96% Physical Attack + 97% Strength AOE, Knockdown
Primary L06 Pivot Strike Damage, Support 44 + 103% Physical Attack, Taunts
Primary L08 Dancing Blade Damage 3 attacks that do 32%/44%/51% Physical Attack + knockback
Primary L10 Searing Chop Damage 42 + 65% Physical Attack fire damage, 10 + 53% Strength DOT
Primary L12 Last Stand Damage, Support 34 + 66% Physical Atttack AOE, damage debuff, Taunts
Primary L16 Mass Betrayal Damage, Support 45 + 68% Physical Attack, Taunts
Primary L18 Blazing Charge Damage, Control 56 + 61% Physical Attack, knockback, debuffs heals
Primary L20 Focus of Mind Survival Reduces damage by 30%, Buffs Heals by 50%
Primary L22 Focused Strike Damage 85 + 99% Strength x 3
Primary L24 Shared Vigor Support AOE aggro debuff, spirit buff allies
Primary L24 Crippling Strike Damage, Control 107 + 109% Physical Attack, Bleeding
Mid-level L10 Potent Reprisal Support Fire Spirit, damage reflection
Mid-level L14 Spirit Shield Survival Shield Spirit, Absorbs 10% of HP
Mid-level L18 Pyrrhic Blade Damage, Support Blade Spirit, buffs Strength and Critical Hit Rate, decreases HP by 3% per attack
Mid-level L22 Tsunami Strike Damage, Control Entangling Spirit, 211 + 127% Physical Attack AOE and 2 second Stun
Advanced L18 Clear the Breach Damage, Survival 6% of Physical Attack every 0.2 seconds, Super Armor, 213 +292% Physical Attack finale
Advanced L26 Intense Concentration Survival, Support Super Armor, removes some control debuffs
Passive L01 Chaotic Dance Passive +5 MP every time you Dodge
Class Blademaster man.png Class Blademaster woman.png
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