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The Buvont are one of six races in Black Gold Online.


Background[edit | edit source]


The Buvont humans are the rulers of the Kingdom of Isenhorst. Despite their painful exodus and troubled past, the Buvont are an optimistic and industrious people, highly innovative and masters of steam technology.

The Buvont began in the Erlandir Union as a part of the Yuotonian tribal kingdom. When Hokka crossed the Ellescadia, they saw the amazing potential of technology as a way to fight back against the elitist and dominating Kosh mages. When the Erlandir Army marched on their encampments, they were forced to flee to Isenhorst. Even with Hokka’s help, the mountain cross was treacherous, and many of the humans died.

Once settled in Isenhorst, the humans took to technology and industry on full cylinders. After only a few generations, their machinery had surpassed the Lokemean dwarves in creativity. Wars began as the trading guilds began to fight over control of valuable resources. This conflict ended when the powerful Buvont family constructed their mighty Steam Castle, and united the humans, dwarves, and outcast vampires into one mighty Kingdom of Isenhorst.

The Buvont live in the northern plains and plateaus of Isenhorst, known as Rockway County and their capital city Dominion.

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