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Carriers are personalized mechs and warbeasts of destruction.

Assault Carriers[edit | edit source]

  • Assault – Heavy armor clad carriers with penetration rounds. Exchanging firepower for speed, the Kingdom and Union counterparts vary with different speeds, armor, and attack. Assault vehicles and beasts have armor-piercing bonuses against all ground units. A strong composition of assault carriers is the essential backbone for any guild.
Class Level Marauder Series Striders
I 10 Black Widow Build A Ice Stalker
II 20 Black Widow Build B Ice Strider
III 30 Annihilator Strider
IV 35 Annihilator LP4 Taiga Strider
V 40 Annihilator XM3 Frost Queen
VI 40 Annihilator XM4 Queen of Searing Cold
VII 40 Conquerer of Darkness Queen of the Winter
VII 40 Doombringer Queen of the Tundra
Class Level Flame Series Stompers
I 10 Incinerator Horned Stomper
I 10 Incinerator Horned Stomper
II 20 Advanced Incinerator Surly Stomper
III 30 Raging Flame Stomper
IV 35 Raging Flame HZ1 Scaloid Stomper
V 40 Raging Flame HZ2 Razorscale Stomper
VI 40 Raging Flame HZ3 Ragescale Stomper
VII 40 Aggriever Greatscale Stomper

Raid Carriers[edit | edit source]

  • Raid – Standard issue anti-personnel carriers, Raid types offer high mobility and maneuverability. With light armor and a relatively weak attack, they are most effective in rounding up infantry and chasing down fleeing soldiers. Raid type is the first accessible carrier to fledgling players.
Class Level Marauder Series Homodonts
I 10 Blitzer Tenderfoot Homodont
II 20 Blitzer MT Agile Homodont
III 30 Plunderer Fearsom Homodont
IVa 35 Marauder Type A Quicksilver Homodont
IVb 35 Exterminator Type A Airsplitter Homodont
Va 40 Marauder Type B Lightning Homodont
Vb 40 Exterminator Type B Livid Homodont
VIa 40 Marauder Type C Thunderous Homodont
VIb 40 Exterminator Type C Shadowsprite Homodont
VII 40 Magnetrax Wyrmwyst Homodont

Siege Carriers[edit | edit source]

  • Siege – Heavily reinforced colossal rides:Tenacious at close-range attacks and sporting the highest constitution amongst all carriers, However, siege vehicles and beasts are vulnerable at a distance due to their slow speed and long recharge periods. Siege units are unparalleled against defensive structures and base bosses.
Class Level Aggressor Series Thontelaurs
I 10 Iron Thunder Tusked Charger
II 20 Iron Storm Heavy Charger
III 30 Aggressor Wild Charger
IV 35 Aggressor X2 Hardened Charger
V 40 Smoking Barrels Plated Thontelaur
VI 40 Smoking Barrels X2 Mountain Thontelaur
VII 40 Emperor's Fist Aggressive Thontelaur
Class Level Bastion Breaker Series Auggriths
I 10 Doom Harbinger Young Auggrith
II 20 Doom Harbinger M1 Longbilled Auggrith
III 30 Bastion Breaker Hardbacked Auggrith
IV 35 Bastion Breaker QX5 Roughoof
V 40 Bastion Breaker QX6 Belligerent Auggrith
VI 40 Bastion Breaker QX7 Wildaxe Auggrith
VII 40 Inexorable Force Stalwart Auggrith

Anti-Air Carriers[edit | edit source]

  • Anti-air – Specialized carrier designed to take down aerial units; Relatively lightly armored rides with very long range attack. The Anti-air has the special ability to lock-on to targets and use attacks that track down a moving enemy. This ability coupled with an attack bonus against Aerial units makes the Anti-air deadly against flying vehicles and beasts.
Class Level Longbow Series Raptors
I 10 Sky Watcher Screecher
II 20 Sky Watcher CF Sharpsong Screecher
III 30 Longbow Raptor
IV 35 Longbow QX5 Purple Raptor
Va 40 Blazing Longbox QX5 Elemental Raptor
Vb 40 Searing Longbow QX5 Stalwart Raptor
VIa 40 Blazing Longbox QX6 Empowered Elemental Raptor
VIb 40 Searing Longbow QX6 Empowered Stalwart Raptor
VII 40 Longbow Omega Imperial Raptor

Aerial Carriers[edit | edit source]

  • Aerial – Aerial is the specialized carriers designed to take down aerial units. Flying carriers are difficult to hit, making them formidable despite relatively light armor. Aerial units have an attack bonus against Assault carriers and other flying units. The fantasy counterparts are the pinnacle of nature's evolution and design, usually costing a fortune to sustain.
Class Level Sweeper Series Cayunes
I 10 Sky Razor Lightwing
II 20 Sky Blade Cloud Racer
III 30 Sweeper Cayune
IVa 35 Sweeper XT5 Swift Cayune
IVb 35 Hemipteron Mark I Poisonwing Cayune
Va 40 Sweeper XT6 Intrepid Cayune
Vb 40 Hemipteron Mark II Barbed Cayune
VIa 40 Sweeper XT7 Strident Cayune
VIb 40 Hemipteron Mark III Venomous Cayune
VIIa 40 Toxic Hempteron Elusive Cayune
VIIb 40 Storm Hemipteron Auroral Cayune
Class Level Osprey Series Egraxls
I 10 Jackdaw Weaver
II 20 Midnight Crow Egraxl
III 30 Osprey XR4 Sky Weaver
IVa 35 Hawkeye QX5 Shadow Egraxl
IVb 35 Falling Thunder QX5 Heat Egraxl
Va 40 Hawkeye QX6 Mist Egraxl
Vb 40 Falling Thunder QX6 Firewing Egraxl
VIa 40 Hawkeye QX7 Sky Egraxl
VIb 40 Falling Thunder QX7 Hellspawn Egraxl
VII 40 Wrath of Heaven Storm Soarer

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