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Character Creation[edit | edit source]

Black Gold features a rich character creation engine, allowing players to build the hero that works just for them. Players must create a character in order to enter the land of Montel and begin their adventure.

Faction[edit | edit source]

A player’s first choice in character creation is to decide which faction they would like to play as. The story of Black Gold Online is one of war, as the two factions stand diametrically opposed over the use of a precious resource known as Black Gold. To the West is the Kingdom of Isenhorst, whom seek to use Black Gold as a fuel for their steam mechs. To the East lies the Erlandir Union, who aim to preserve Black Gold as the foundation of their mystical elemental magic.

Note: Players will first choose their Faction, but they can later switch between the two factions during character creation as they choose their Race and Class.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Players will choose between 4 playable races and 12 playable classes (Open Beta). Further class and race expansion is planned for the future.

Optional Races Isenhorst


They will also be able to choose their class. Each class is unique with their own distinct abilities, available equipment, and stats. Both factions have 6 faction-specific classes, and each race has an extra 3 cross-faction classes available to them. The 12 classes are:

Punisher, Assassin, Spectromancer, Spellsword, Blademaster, Geomancer, Occultist, Thaumaturge, Gunslinger, Pyromancer, Skycaller, and Beastmaster.

Features[edit | edit source]

Once a player has chosen the race, class and gender they would like to have, they can go into the finer points of creating their character. There are presets available for players who would like to jump right into the game, and a “Random” button for those who want totally unexpected features.

Players can go into the fine details of their whole character.

Name Selection[edit | edit source]

Once completed, players must choose the name they will use for their character. Players will be able to change their name later, but only with a prodigious effort, so choose carefully.

Note: it is important to choose a name carefully. If a character is deleted, that name will remain in the BGO database and cannot be used again.

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