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The following is a list of Dungeons available in Black Gold Online.

List of Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Name Location Level(s)
Aquid Treasury Artilun 22-24
Arim's Domain Rockway County 13-16
Asgrim Caverns Piro Highlands 34-36
Barlo's Laboratory Rockway County 9-12
Chitin Mine Sunrise Holy Land 17-20
Concealed Tunnel Sunrise Hills 13-16
Darkfire Armory Klafford Wasteland 34-36
Darkfire Secret Treasury Vault Artilun 24-26
Deserted Black Gold Cave Great Tree Swamp 31-33
Dubois's Grave Klafford Wasteland 34-36
Dwarven Vault Cadia 9-12
Egransar's Private Treasury Sunrise Hills 17-20
Elemental Vale Theodia 40
Holy Lake Palace Fogmoon Forest 24-26
Honor Magus Tower Sunrise Holy Land 9-12
Hooligan's Hideaway Theodia 40
Lakelight Caverns Sunrise Hills 9-12
Learden's Precipice Hall Rockway County
Sunrise Holy Land
Sunrise Hills
Lost Cave Piro Highlands 34-36
Madman's Hut Rockway County 17-20
Military Tavern Giant's Fjord 27-29
Mogor's Laboratory Crytol Ruins 24-26
Moon Trace Tavern Giant's Fjord 31-33
Obierne Ruins Daggon Lowlands 40
Origin Tunnel Cadia 13-16
Pamia Graveyard Diga Coast 24-26
Place of the Emergent Flame Crytol Ruins 22-24
Quang Caverns Diga Coast 22-24
Salo's Cave Great Tree Swamp 27-29
Shadow of the Monarch Sunrise Holy Land 13-16
Silver Carp Tunnel Giant's Fjord
Great Tree Swamp
Special Synthesis Special Synthesis 1-40
Steinjak's Lair Klafford Wasteland
Piro Highlands
Sunrise Lighthouse Fogmoon Forest 22-24
The Scarlet Laboratory Cadia 17-20
Yahr's Ring Daggon Lowlands 40

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