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Chapter 1 Fog and Mist (0/56)[edit | edit source]

Strange things are afoot in Ten Hammers City, the Dwarven capital. The Dwarves are wary of all outsiders, including their allies, the Buvontians and the Upyrians.
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure Value Rewards
D1.1 Path of the Warrior Talk to Mundo Mustari 30c 130 4 Level 2
D1.2 Assistance Talk to Ur Obsidian 40c 160 9
D1.3 Robots out of control Destroy (0/1) Pneumatic Brawler 40c 170 13 Level 3
D1.4 The Truth Talk to Hull Ross (automatic trip) 60c 280 9
D1.5 Ghost Shadow Kill (0/1) Shapeshifter 60c 320 9 Level 4
D1.6 The Plotter Talk to Pluton Rediron 70c 340 10 Trinket
D1.7 Wipe out leader Kill Moss Roburt 70c 380 10
D1.8 Explore Dungeons Loot the Wizard's Secret Treasure 70c 406 11 Level 5, Ring, Energy Shield Components
D1.9 Report In Talk to Steam Technician 80c 600 22 Weapon
D1.10 Chip level increase Claim the Energy Shield, F8, Enhance 5 times 43c 620 6 Energy Shield
D1.11 Mount Riding Guide [B], right-click on Guardian's Treasure, right-click to ride Mount 10s 69c 628 13 Level 6, Mount
D1.12 War Messenger Talk to Grendella (automatic trip) 71c 920 24 Energy Shield Energy x6
D1.13 Farkel Solidcopper Talk to Farkel Solidcopper 56c 1,020 8
D1.14 Tuland Shinysilver Find Tuland Shinysilver, Talk to Lellefor 1s 35c 1,088 32 Level 7, Top and Leg Armor
D1.15 Candidate Talk to Murto Shinysilver 1s 7c 1,280 8
D1.16 Start from the Rumor Talk to Bakiu Soldicopper 1s 7c 1,580 8
D1.17 Bad Blood Talk to Bakiu Solidcopper, Talk to Murto Shinysilver 1s 42c 1,870 9 Level 8
D1.18 Memory Restorer Talk to Murto Shinysilver 44c 1,500 9 Necklace
D1.19 Necessary Energy Collect Special Energy 44c 1,600 18 Hat
D1.20 Remember again Charge the Memory Restorer 44c 1,600 9 Level 9
D1.21 Report In Talk to Lellefor 30c 1,750 9
D1.22 Hammer Handle Forest Talk to Brandon Rogan 64 c 2,200 30
D1.23 Special Badge 1. Loot Darkfire Badge from Sneaky Spy, 2. Kill Arra Lando 1s 73c 2,200 40 Ring
D1.24 Path of the Strong Talk to Brandon Rogan 1s 73c 2,250 30 Bracers
D1.25 Logging Camp Talk to Rudd Shinygold 91c 2,265 20 Level 10
D1.26 Charge the carrier Charge Longbow Omega 18s 20c 3,751 22
D1.27 Make Carrier (1) [B], right-click on Blueprint Blitzer 90c 1,,756 22
D1.28 Make Carrier (2) CREATE a Blitzer 90c 1,638 22 Blitzer I
D1.29 Return to Zinsen Island Use portal, talk to Magnus Wellington 90c 1,518 22
D1.30 Scout Automatically fly around the island 2s 43c 4,514 Carrier Card (50)
D1.31 Get on the Battle Carrier Summon the Battle Carrier 2s 43c 4,514
D1.32 Clear Victory Kill Doomsday, Talk to Rudd Shinygold 2s 43c 4,514 Cape
D1.33 Title Open Character Window and enable Blitzer title 90c 1,517 42 Level 11
D1.34 Protect the Machines Talk to Broken Sawmech 1s 82c 1,418 10
D1.35 Repair Loot 2 Sawmech Parts from Darkfire Foot Soldiers 1s 90c 2,786 42
D1.36 Search for Parts Collect 2 Mechanical Parts, talk to Tovas Solidcopper 1s 92c 7,500 52
D1.Daily Eliminate the Rebels 1. Kill (0/6) each of Darkfire Assassins, Destroyers, Lumberjacks 1s 5c 122
D1.37 Confusion Kill (0/3) Darkfire Lumberjacks 1s 92c 7,500 63 Small First Aid Potion x5
D1.38 Bloom Lando Kill Bloom Lando 4s 56c 7,500 44 Energy Shield Enhancer x5
D1.39 Chip Level increase Enhance Energy Shield to Level 10 1s 69c 7,500 11
D1.40 Find the Manager Talk to Gabervon Obsidian 1s 69c 8,347 11 Level 12
D1.41 Flowers for Fallen Leaves Collect 2 Faren Flower Leaves 2s 9c 12,000 33 Weapon, Boots
D1.42 Leave Logging Camp Escort Gabervon Obsidian to Trigg Solidcopper 2s 62c 12,000 22
D1.42I Activate Merestone Talk to Katte 8c 1,172
D1.42I Use Merestone Click on Merestone to Zumon Village, talk to Ur Obsidian 8c 1,172
D1.43 Report to the Fortress Kill (0/5) Darkfire Spy, talk to Dragon Throat Fortress Commander 2s 9c 12,000 23
D1.44 Unknown Reason Talk to Mooliza Solidcopper 2s 9c 12,111 23
D1.45 Alliance troop movements Talk to Gamma, Talk to Mooliza Soldicopper 3s 47c 12,111 12 Level 13
D1.45I Trial of the Brave Complete the first wave of Trial of the Brave 14s 95c 21,000 12
D1.Daily Fierce Battle at Bloodfang Citadel Talk to Brust Casca, Kill Erlandir Player 7s 65c 11,415
D1.46 Vanguard Camp Talk with Ceberus Solidcopper 4s 16c 21,288 46 Copper Medal x8
D1.47 Relieve Doubt Talk with Yunevu Helan, talk with Ceberus Solidcopper 6s 62c 21,288 12
D1.48 The Beasts Under the Bridge Kill (0/4) Augmented Cadian Wolf 5s 12c 21,438 69 Level 14
D1.49 Mad Transhuman Underground Talk with Lockfiel Rediron 6s 62c 21,504 24
D1.50 Clean out the Rebels Kill (0/4) Darkfire Soldiers 2s 62c 20,600 73
D1.51 Assist Rocesar Rediron Talk to Rocesar Rediron 6s 62c 20,600 12
D1.52 Cut off Supply Loot (0/2) Factory Supplies from Mining Truck 6s 75c 20,600 97
D1.53 Dangerous Sneak Attack Kill Metalhead's Image 16s 75c 10,600 97 Level 15, Energy Shield Enhancer x5, Magnetic Pole Chip Core
D1.53I Cleanliness Kill Aggarleolon in the Dominion Underground Line instance 13,000
D1.54 Advanced Circuitry F8, Upgrade Energy Shield 6s 62c 11,116 12 Energy Shield Energy x10
D1.54S Campaign of Bloodfang Citadel Press [Y], talk to Jace Silver 1g 26s 243 Black Gold Stone (15)
D1.54S Go to the Origin Tunnel Explore Origin Tunnel Entrance 6s 2c 8,854 Magic Synthesis Potion
D1.55 Out of Supply Collect (0/2) High Energy Power Source 5s 10,000 24
D1.56 Get rid of the root Kill (0/3) Darkfire Supervisor 5s 10,000 24

Chapter 2 The Truth (0/29)[edit | edit source]

Darkfire and the Transhuman Underground were the ones behind the assassination. We will end this at the Cytol Ruins.
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure Value Rewards
D2.1 Searching for Survivors Talk to Injured Miner 5s 33c 16,500 26
D2.2 Mechanical Core Loot (0/2) Mechnical Core from Iron Boot Automaton 6s 90c 16,500 77
D2.3 Kidnap Capture a Darkfire Watcher 6s 75c 16,500 51
D2.4 Collison Phil Kill Collison Phil 11s 3c 16,500 24
D2.5 Triumphant Return Talk to Rocesar Rediron 5s 73c 16,500 26
D2.6 Sneak into the Anvil Factory Talk with Aslan Shinysilver 4s 41c 16,500 26 Level 16
D2.7 Armor Guard Kill (0/8) Factory Automaton 8s 68c 16,800 77
D2.8 Rescue workers Talk with Collison Magma 8s 68c 16,800 13 Pants
D2.9 Serious Injury Talk to Aslan Shinysilver 8s 68c 16,836 13
D2.10 Cure workers Use Medicine on an Injured Dwarven Worker, Talk to Collison Magma 8s 68c 21,000 67
D2.11 Destroy the Experimental Materials Collect (0/2) Mech Parts 8s 68c 21,000 27
D2.12 Steel Bones Defeat Steel Bone Burns 13s 64c 21,000 54
D2.13 Bregg Dasornn Defeat Bregg Dasornn 14s 88c 21,000 108
D2.14 Take Back the Factory Talk to Derowoo Shinysilver 4s 67c 21,000 13 Trinket, Id Coin x3
D2.15 Go tell it to the Mountain Talk to Darouwen Solidcopper (automatic trip) 6s 89c 22,000 28
D2.16S Daily life of the Sentry Range Collect (0/6) Coal Essence 9s 64c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
D2.16S A Great Feast Loot (0/6) Wolf Meat from Feral Wolf 11s 2c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
D2.16 The Mysterious Shadow Spy on the Valley of Doom 11s 15c 22,000 43 Level 17, Top Armor
D2.16S Banishment Kill (0/6) Wildhammer Soldiers 15s 16c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
D2.16S Warning Collect Bringr of Bad Luck Flag 11s 29c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
D2.17 Investigation Talk to Darouwen Solidcopper,
Loot Doomsday Cult Secret Order from Nightmare Deadhammer
9s 64c 22,000 85
D2.18 Bad Luck Refinement Talk to Dorsal Obsidian 5s 88c 22,356 43
D2.19S Kill the Enemy Leader Kill Nightmare Wildhammer 15s 15c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
D2.19 Sneak Attack Kill (0/6) Bringer of Bad Luck Brutalizer 11s 2c 23,000 85
D2.20 Destruction Destroy Bringer of Bad Luck Pillar 9s 64c 23,000 14
D2.21 Report to the Sentry Talk to Mozardo Rediron 6s 89c 23,000 43
D2.22 Find It Talk with Clin Shinysilver in Crytol Ruins 4s 59c 23,000 43 Helmet
D2.23 Whereabouts of Bad Luck Talk to Clin Shinysilver 7s 70c 23,000 15
D2.24 Boost Morale Talk to Demoralized Soldier 9s 23c 23,000 15
D2.25S Evaluation Loot (0/7) Darkfire Symbol from Darkfire Elite 16s 93c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
D2.25S Robbery and Plunder Collect (0/7) First Aid Kit 16s 93c 2,064 Potions, Black Gold Stone
D2.25 Preemptive Attack Kill (0/6) Darkfire Vanguard 15s 39c 23,000 105
D2.26 Severe situation Talk to Patrol Commander 15s 39c 23,000 15 Level 18
D2.27 Deliver command Talk to Clin Shinysilver 15s 39c 23,500 45
D2.27I Learning a Profession Learn a Profession
D2.27S Enemy Movements Proceed to Sdark Gun Crater 15s 39c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
D2.27S Spying Kill Darkfire Supervisor 15s 70c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
D2.27S Burn Sdark! Burn ! Burn down the Darkfire Army Camp 15s 8c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
D2.27S Intercept and kill the Messenger Kill Darkfire Messenger 16s 93c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
D2.27S Sneak Attack Kill (0/7) Blackfire Reinfocements 16s 93c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
D2.28 Preemptive Attack Kill (0/6) Darkfire Fighters 15s 39c 23,500 150
D2.29 Once and for All Kill (0/6) Darkfire Assassins 16s 93c 23,704 90 Blizter MT Blueprints

Chapter 3 Hunt down the Assassin (0/26)[edit | edit source]

The Transhuman Underground has dug something out from the southern part of the ruins. I must investigate.
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure
D3.1 Alliance Talk to Arkansa Zotu 9s 23c 24,700 15 Cape
D3.2 Deal (1) Talk to Alma Rella 15s 31c 24,700 16
D3.3 Deal (2) Escort Alma Rella to Arkansa Zotu 17s 39c 24,700 32
D3.4S Hurricane Rescue (1) Talk to Keily Benjamin 15s 38c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
D3.4 Revenge Kill 0/6 Darkfire Zealots 17s 39c 24,700 158
D3.5 Dakan's Solitary Grave Kill Dakan 23s 9c 24,700 63
D3.6 Identity of Assassin Talk to Girdon Dema 10s 75c 24,700 32
D3.7 Hunt down the Assassin Kill Niras 14s 53c 24,700 63
D3.8 Nowhere to Hide Kill the real Niras 14s 53c 24,700 158
D3.9 Split Kill Beltra, talk to Arkansa Zotu 14s 53c 24,800 158 Belt
D3.4S Huricane Rescue (2) Escort Kelly Benjamin to Paris Ian 17s 77c 4,568 Black Gold Stone
D3.4S Substitutes Loot 0/6 Solid Rag from Darkfire Assassins 15s 39c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
D3.4S Price (1) Talk to Girdon Dema 14s 16c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
D3.4S Price (2) Loot 0/8 Zealot's Ear from Darkfire Zealot 14s 7c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
D3.4S Price (3) Kill Kerufa, talk to Girdon Dema 14s 7c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
D3.4S Hurricane Loot 0/6 Keily's Hat from Darkfire Knights 14s 7c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
D3.10 Salvation of Arkansa Talk to Altoria Solidcopper 7s 82c 24,800 79 Level 19
D3.11 Unexpected Visitor Kill 0/6 Transhuman Expeller 15s 63c 24,800 83
D3.12 Find the herbs Collect 0/3 Herbal Medicine 15s 63c 24,800 67
D3.13 Heal the wounded and rescue the dying Use Herb on Injured Sentinel 15s 63c 24,864 50
D3.14 Informant Kill 0/6 Transhuman Patrolman, talk to Diephuis Ponda 15s 63c 28,200 283
D3.15 Report Talk to Altoria Solidcopper 12s 50c 28,200 34
D3.16 Preemptive Attack Kill 0/6 Transhuman Rippers 15s 63c 28,200 119
D3.17 The Dwarves are Strict Loot Transhuman Journal from a Transhuman Researcher 17s 7c 28,200 68
D3.18 Ancient Technology Talk to Noad Obieme 11s 95c 28,200 34 Boots
D3.19 Search for Clues Collect a Secret Letter, talk to Altoria Solidcopper 17s 7c 28,200 51
D3.20 Rescue the Expedition Talk to Edgar Krats 11s 17c 28,200 87
D3.A Explore the Crytol Ruins Find the 4 Spy Glasses in Crytol Ruins 2s 15,000
D3.21 Port Situation Talk to Edgar Krats 13s 3c 28,200 17
D3.22 A Tripartite Talk (1) Talk with Conte Ronlong 11s 17c 28,200 35 Level 20
D3.23 A Tripartite Talk (2) Talk to Rumbaka Solidcopper 11s 17c 28,200 35
D3.24 Unite as One Talk to Edgar Krats 14s 89c 28,200 35
D3.24S Lost Civilization Collect 0/3 Slab Carved with Text 13s 66c 4,570 Black Gold Stone
D3.24S Without Any Waste Loot 0/6 Weapon Part from Transhuman Defender 17s 7c 4,570 Black Gold Stone
D3.24S Multi Tasking Kill 0/6 Transhuman Engineers 17s 7c 4,570 Black Gold Stone
D3.24S Angry Diephuis Loot 0/6 Energy Crystal from Transhuman Rifleman
Talk to Diephuis Ponda
17s 7c 4,570 Black Gold Stone
D3.25 Enemy Reappearance Talk to Cecilia Krats 16s 75c 28,200 89
D3.26 Powerful Niece Kill 0/6 Transhuman Vanguard 18s 61c 28,360 319 Plunderer Blueprint

Chapter 4 Ambush (0/31)[edit | edit source]

The Expedition Port is facing a war with the Transhuman Underground. The dangerous plants nearby are also troubling sheriff Tovak Diesel of Expedition Path. And the experiments the Doomsday Cult are performing on Renaissance Island are destroying the environment...

Chapter 5 Unexpected (0/44)[edit | edit source]

It seems that someone has tried to pit the Silver Carp Tribe against us. We must find out who. At the same time, Bloody Sky vampires have appeared in the Giant's Fjord and attacked us unexpectedly.

Chapter 6 New Threat (0/30)[edit | edit source]

After helping the Magic Mountain Tribe repel the Doomsday cult, they became our ally. But Darkfire has escaped to the Klafford Wasteland and seems to be searching for something. They and Bloody Sky are threatening the Children of the Wasteland.

Chapter 7 Call of Duty (0/22)[edit | edit source]

The New Moon Werewolves and the Darkmoon Werewolves are going to war again. Erlandir will try to gain the favor the New Moon Werewolves. We cannot allow them to become our enemies.

Chapter 8 Time Won't Wait (0/43)[edit | edit source]

Bloody Sky is preparing to release the power of Azoula's Skull to attack Klafford Port. We must stop them before they succeed. At the same time, in order to chase Darkfire, the Royal Army has come to Theodia. The environment is bad, they don't have enough supplies, and they are exhausted. I have to help them.

Chapter 9 A Slim Chance of Survival (0/63)[edit | edit source]

The Leader of the Flametongue Tribe, Pyrrathyrl, has been revived at the Place of the Searing Flames. The Mysterious Man near the Black Gold Forge has brought death and despair. The Doomsday Cult in the Daggon Lowlands are baring their teeth. And this is all just the beginning...
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