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Erlandir Union: History[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the war, the Kosh were too arrogant and the greenhorn Kosh mages were no match for Isenhorst’s legions. The Kosh soon realized that they need to gather every force in their land to repel the Isenhorst invaders. After negotiation they enlisted the Brutes, as well as the Humans living in Erlandir to join the Empire force. This united Erlandir army, composed of the wild power of the Brutes, the courage of the Yutonian Humans, and the elemental magic of the Kosh, succeeded in driving the Isenhorst Legions out of the Eastern Continent.
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After the experience of cooperation with other races during wartime, the Kosh realized the importance of solidarity, so they united with the Brutes and Humans to establish the Union of Erlandir, and signed many agreements. The Union of Erlandir existed mainly to guard the holy Black Gold, and to ensure peace on the Eastern Continent. The Kosh, the Brutes and the Humans helped each other and developed together, strengthening the Union. Steam technology, with its reliance on Black Gold, was forbidden. The Kosh and the Holy Sun God played a leading role in the Union because of their power and developed civilization.

Races of the Erlandir Union[edit | edit source]

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