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"Geomancers are druidic healers with a natural affinity to the Earth element. Gifted in the songs of Gaia, they divine remedies from the earth and its bounty. Excellent as auxiliary support amidst skirmishes; specializing in instantaneous and single-target healing."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Geomancer Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Geomancer Skills for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Sand Twister Damage 30 + 122% Spell Attack Wind, Slow
Primary L04 Piercing Gales Damage, Control 51 + 70% Spell Attack Wind, knockback, removes 1 buff
Primary L10 Blessing of the Wind Heal heals 216 + 180% Spirit, Armor buff
Primary L12 Nature's Protection Survival magic shield that absorbs 5% MP + 180% Spell Attack
Primary L14 Summon Rock Guardian Summoning 70% Spell Attack AOE damage, taunts
Primary L16 Meteor Strike Damage, Control 70 + 76% Spell Attack Earth AOE, knockdown
Primary L18 Nature's Grace Heal Heals 28 + 78% Spirit HOT
Primary L20 Call to Action Support Buffs attack by 20%
Primary L22 Quicksand Damage, Control 93 + 109% Spell Attack Earth DOT, slow
Primary L24 Wind's Gift Heal, Support Heals 102 + 140% Spirit AOE heal, removes 1 debuff
Primary L26 Evanescence Support AOE group invisibility and dodge buff, heal debuff
Mid-level L06 Befoul Damage 54 + 125% Spell Attack Water AOE, poisons
Mid-level L08 Circle of Life Damage, Heal 56 + 103% Spell Attack AOE and AOE heal
Mid-level L16 Dust Devil Damage, Control 52 + 78% Spell Power Earth AOE DOT
Mid-level L20 Stunning Precision Support Super Armor, 3 critical hits
Mid-level L24 Summon Water Guardian Summoning 80% Spirit attack, AOE heal
Mid-level L26 Nourish Heal Heals 88 + 170% spirit AOE HOT
Advanced L18 Tranquility Heal Heals 88 + 170% spirit AOE HOT
Advanced L26 Purification Survival, Support removes all debuffs, AOE water shield
Passive L01 Mana Surge Passive 25% chance of regenerating 1% MP while using skills
Passive L01 Power of Affinity Passive 5 stacks attached to target, each stack adds 5% healing
Class Geomancer man.png Class Geomancer woman.png