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"Gunslingers thin enemy ranks from afar with brutal efficiency and critical strikes"

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Gunslinger Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Gunslinger Skills for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Incendiary Round Damage 33 + 52% Physical attack, Scorch DOT
Primary L04 Frost Shot Damage, Control 42 + 101% Physical Attack, Slow, adds stacks of Frostbite for bonus damage
Primary L06 Grenade Damage, Control 63 + 124% Physical Attack AOE, knockback
Primary L08 Power Shot Damage, Control 81 + 138% Physical Attack cone AOE, knockback
Primary L16 Landmines Damage, Control 3 mines, 108% Physical Attack, Stun
Primary L18 Round House Kick Damage, Control 93 + 128% Physical Attack AOE, knockback
Primary L20 Frost Blast Damage, Control 53 + 67% Physical Attack, beam attack, 3 stacks of Frostbite
Primary L22 Flashbang Damage, Control 88 + Physical Attack * 1.02 AOE, slows
Primary L24 Piercing Shot Damage, Control 153 + 165% Physical Attack, armor debuff
Primary L26 Scatter Shot Damage, Survival 115 + 117% Physical Attack AOE, knockback
Primary L28 Bludgeon Damage, Control 86 + 83% Physucal Attack melee, knockback
Mid-level L16 Flux Cannon Damage, Support 22 +22% Physical Attack AOE, additional effects
Mid-level L20 Liquid Courage Support Attack Power buff and Rage regen
Mid-level L24 Thermal Blast Damage 198 + 214% physical attack, Scorch, can be charged
Mid-level L28 Double Blast Damage, Control 94 + 90% Physical Attack, knockback twice
Mid-level L32 Moving Target Survival, Support Removes entanglements and all debuffs, buffs movement and evasion
Mid-level L36 Armor Breaker Damage 373 + 224% Physical Attack AOE and armor debuff
Advanced L18 Combat Ready Support Movement/Armor/Constitution buff, increased damage vs target
Advanced L26 Artillery Barrage Damage 233 + 200% Physical Attack AOE, slows
Advanced L36 Hollow Point Damage 300 + 90% Physical Attack, consecutive attacks stack damage
Passive L01 Adroitness Passive Recovers 3 Dodge with 3 consecutive hits
Passive L01 Warrior's Privilege Passive damage absorbing shield after 10 consecutive hits
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