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Chapter 1 Road of the Chosen (0/47)[edit | edit source]

While the Erlandir Union fights a war to the west, various factions are vying for power in the Sunrise Holy Land. With their attention diverted, the Kosh Empire finds itself in a precarious situation.
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure
K1.1 Land of Heroes Talk to Rel Starlight 11c 130 4 Level 2
K1.2 Xeubo Fruit Collect Xeubo Fruit, talk to Mina Starlight 8s 96c 200 38
K1.3 Duskhorned Avarice Kill a Duskhorn 8s 96c 130 38 Level 3
K1.4 Tending the Xeubo Use the Nutrient Solution near the Xeubo Fruit 8s 96c 350 38
K1.5 Go to Sunrise Village Get an Equine Dryad, talk to Ageska Cadusidus 10s 37c 250 11 Level 4
K1.6 Not So Docile Go to highlands outside the village, talk to Gors Haire 22c 523 9
K1.7 Wizard's Hideout Loot the Wizard's Secret Treasure from the dungeon 8s 96c 680 38 Level 5, Energy Shield Enhancer x5
K1.8 Soul level Increase Receive the Energy Shield, F8, Enhance 5 times 37c 365 11
K1.9 Mount Riding Guide [B], right-click on Guardian's Treasure, right-click on Mount 34c 289 25 Weapons
K1.10 Rare Snake Tongue Collect Snake Tongue Herb 33c 653 9 Trinket, Energy Shield Energy x6
K1.11 Absorbing a Spirit Use Spirit Absorbing Ball on Fox Cub, talk to Ashi Harnenes 33c 523 14 Level 6
K1.12 Missing Neutralizer Purchase a Neutralizer 672 5
K1.13 Healing Use Healing Potion on Sick Villager, talk to Gors Haire 17c 1,025 5
K1.14 Brother Haire Talk with Grifis Haire 23c 862 6
K1.15 Erlandir's Glory Kill a Giant Ape 33c 1,141 17 Level 7, Potions
K1.16 Sneak attack! Storm Altar Talk to Rafah Windstrom 68c 1,236 70 Top Armor
K1.17 The Journey Begins Talk to Sabino Blackwater 59c 1,123 14
K1.18 Instability at Sunrise Barracks Talk to Arman Windstrom, talk to Gors Haire 43c 935 7 Pants
K1.19 Burning Sun Mutant Talk to Grifis Haire 43c 1,436 8 Level 8, Ring
K1.20 Interrogate Burning Sun Interrogate Ignisol Villager, Retrieve Intelligence 43c 2,450 32
K1.21 Cost of Provocation Kill (0/3) Burning Sun Ambusher 2s 21c 1,893 45 Helmet
K1.22 Shock and Awe Plant the Battle Flag at Village Center, mob spawns
talk to Gors Haire
88c 2,107 54 Level 9, Bracers
Energy Shield Enhancer x5
K1.23 Soul level increase [F8], enhance energy shield to level 10 2s 28c 3,056 21
K1.24 Feed the Beast Feed Tenderfoot Homodont, talk to Grifis Haire 8s 96c 2,952 38
K1.25 Learn how to tame a battle carrier [B], right-click on Training Manual 8s 96c 2,907 38 Level 10
K1.26 Tame Battle Beast Make a Tenderfoot Homodont 8s 96c 2,535 38
K1.27 Return to ZInsen Island Enter the Portal, talk to Nafarin Moonstorm 8s 96c 2,320 38
K1.28 Scout Automatically fly over the island, talk to Nafarin Moonstorm 2s 43c 4,514 Carrier Card (50)
K1.29 Get on the Carrier Summon the Battle Carrier 2s 43c 4,514
K1.30 Clear Victory Destroy the fortress, talk to Grifis Haire 2s 43c 4,514 Cape
K1.31 Title [C], activate Tenderfoot Homodont title 8s 96c 7,151 38 Level 11
K1.32 Destroy the Altar Use item on Altar 8s 96c 12,568 38
K1.33 Glorious Event: Odved's End Kill Ausvid Flamic, talk to Gors Haire 2s 38c 15,236 70 Ring
K1.34 Get to Know Canzat Talk to Julia Blackwater 46c 10,543 50 Level 12, Weapons
K1.35 Visit the General Open wide for some stairs, Talk to Theobald Delires 46c 20,032 31
K1.36 Fitness Test Defeat Lister Delires, (activate the Canzat Merestone) 2s 28c 19,632 21 Potions
K1.37 Assist Supply Line Talk to Gerard Cadusidus 1s 57c 20,558 77 Level 13, Boots
K1.38I Trial of the Brave Complete first wave 14s 95c 21,000 12
K1.38 Get Army Supplies Collect (0/4) Military Supplies, talk to Roy Windstrom 2s 43c 24,365 99 Bronze Medal x8
K1.39 Merchant's Revenge Kill (0/5) Canine Brigand 3s 4c 19,864 46
K1.40 Canine Chieftain Kill Cassis Wolfjaw, talk to Lille Tailhair 3s 4c 20,359 61 Level 14
K1.41 Event's Source Talk to Dack Wolfjaw 1s 82c 20,928 36
K1.34S Activate the Merestone Talk to Gorak-Saj 8c 1,172
K1.34S Use Merestone [M], click on Xeubo Village Merestone, talk to Rel Starlight 8c 1,172
K1.42 Returning Goods Talk to Qemyr Hazrik 3s 4c 31,531 49
K1.43 The Battle fo Holy Sun Pass Talk to Odved Sidulec 8s 96c 24,865 38
K1.44 Crisis is coming Kill Ghost of Mordygorgen 19s 16,036 13 Level 15, Energy Shield Upgrade
K1.45 Soul Upgrade [F8], Upgrade Energy Shield 9s 11,084 13 Energy Shield Energy x10
K1.46I Campaign of Bloodfang Citadel [Y], talk to Montlan Blackwater 1g 25s 243 Black Gold Stone
K1.46S Legend of Eternity Talk to Wade Sidulec 1s 82c 340
K1.46s Bloody Crystal Talk to Ibri Harenes 3s 4c 340
K1.46S Roaring Woodland Talk to Julia Blackwater (automatic trip),
Kill (0/6) Withered Bark Monster
Talk to Sheans Feinan
Talk to Sheans Feinan to return to Canzat
1s 10c 1,662 Black Gold Stone
K1.46I Go to the Shadow of the Monarch Explore the dungeon 6s 2c 8,854 Magic Synthesis Potion
K1.46S Unique Creatures Kill (0/12) Canine Highwayman, Canine Brigand
Talk to Sibind Riyan
3s 4c 854
K1.46S Giant Monster Hunter Kill Fang Fiend 10s 4c 980
K1.46 Investigation Collect (0/2) Unknown Fruit 5s 10,000 24
K1.47 Mutant Prevention Kill (0/3) Chitinous Terror, Hornfly 5s 10,000 24

Chatper 2 Profane Devotion (0/27)[edit | edit source]

The Witek Tribe launched a surprise attack against the Ranger Camp. They planned to destroy magic junctions in the west of Canzat
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure
K2.1 Save Soldier Nawen Talk to Nawen Cadusidus, talk to Ibri Harenes 1s 12,256 26
K2.2 Collect 0/2 Energy Crystal 9s 15,523 13
K2.3 Charge Explorer Use Energy Crystals on Explorer 9s 13,015 13
K2.4 Help Soldier Nawen Kill 0/3 Mutant Moth, Kill 0)/3 Mutant Tree Spirit
Kill 0/3 Mutant Stinging Beetle
10s 4c 13,586 81
K2.5 Fang Fiend Use Debilitating Potion on Fang Fiend<>Kill the Fang Fiend 10s 4c 13,685 13
K2.6 The source of the mutation Investigate the Energy Crystal 1s 5c 17,235 108
K2.7 Crystalline 1 Destroy the Crystalline 1 2s 18c 12,236 40
K2.8 Collect crystal Collect 0/2 Energy Crystal, Talk to Nawen Cadusidus 2s 18c 13,058 54 Level 16
K2.9 Crystalline 2 Use Red Storm on Crystalline 2 3s 45c 13,333 67
K2.10 Crystalline 3 Use Red Storm on Crystalline 3
Talk to Nawen Cadusidus
2s 1c 12,586 71 Pants
K2.11 Precautions avert perils Talk to Nawen Cadusidus 98c 17,380 14
K2.12 Take in the energy Charge near an Energy Mass 1s 92c 16,113 43
K2.13 Last Step Use Red Hurricane at the third Crystal 1s 78c 9,685 128
K2.14 Bloody Victory Talk to Qemyr Hazrik 4s 1c 16,325 28
K2.15 Start the Magic Array Activate the Teleport Bay 6s 71c 10,236 28 Trinket, ID coin x3
K2.16 Warn Canzat Use the Teleport Bay, talk to Mordakar Konmo 11s 28c 12,058 45
K2.17 Mordakar Talk to Mordakar Konmo 6s 77c 12,333 15 Top Armor
K2.18 Holy Land Shadow Talk to Mordakar Konmo 6s 77c 18,586 15
K2.19 Former Beauty Use the Teleport Bay, talk to Qemyr Hazrik 6s 2c 16,893 45
K2.20S Confusion Collect 0/8 Snake Saliva Herb 8s 35c 980
K2.20S Comfort the Tree Spirit Kill 0/8 Vipers 7s 52c 980
K2.20S Decision Kill 0/8 Tree Spirit 8s 35c 1,152
K2.20 The Hermit Talk to Jerome Blackwater 6s 77c 19,863 60
K2.21S Unbelievable Guess Kill 0/12 Holy Temple Protector 8s 40c 980 Level 17
K2.21 Relic's Shadow Investigate outside the ruins, talk to Jerome Blackwater 6s 77c 20,358 75
K2.22 Past Prosperity Talk to Jerome Blackwater 7s 52c 18,569 15 Helmet
K2.23 Disciple Ingmar Talk to Jerome Blackwater 7s 52c 22,337 15
K2.24 Talk to Ingmar Windstrom 5s 57c 19,592 32
K2.25 Leonard's Madness Talk to Ingmar Windstrom 8s 35c 21,532 32
K2.26 Glorious Event: Destroyer of Holy Temple Kill Leonard Ardesol 8s 35c 19,532 142
K2.27 Inform Canzat Talk to Mordakar Konmo (automatic trip) 8s 35c 16,598 95 Agile Homodont Manual

Chapter 3 On the Road Again (0/27)[edit | edit source]

To gain the Solar Eclipse Tome, the Children of the Sun launched an attack against the four Reserve Forces of the Union
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure Value Rewards
K3.1 Sentry's Daily Talk with Ivan Konmo, talk to Hestin Konmo 8s 40c 23,695 95
K3.1S Daily Duties (automatic trip) Talk with Shead Harenes 8s 40c 1,152
K3.1S Camp's Troubles Kill 0/8 Anguished Tree Spirit, talk to Amumu 8s 40c 1,152
K3.1S Deserters Kill 0/8 Deserter 9s 76c 1,480
K3.1S Delicious Berries Collect 0/7 Berry 9s 76c 1,480
K3.1S Tree Spirit's Pain Kill 0/8 Termite 8s 40c 1,152
K3.1S Ravenous Gitan Bear Kill 0/12 Ravenous Giant Bear 8s 40c 1,480
K3.2S Get the medicine Talk to Atta, talk to Zuma Sunrunner 2s 67c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
K3.2S The past Talk to Zuma Sunrunner 1s 28c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
K3.2S Take action Use poison on Cualli Sunrunner 1s 54c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
K3.2S The Truth Talk to Cualli Sunrunner 1s 28c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
K3.2S Antidote Collect 0/3 Heart Cleaning Herb, talk to Cualli Sunrunner 2s 98c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
K3.2S Ending Protect Cualli Sunrunner 3s 95c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
K3.2 Pass Defense Inspect near the pass, talk to Hestin Konmo 8s 40c 20,532 47
K3.3 Scout Shawen Talk to Shawen Cadusidus 8s 40c 23,651 63 Cape
K3.4 Warning Strike Kill 0/4 Witek Scout 14s 22c 18,653 142
K3.5 Refugee Talk to Delia Dusklight 8s 40c 15,862 33 Level 18
K3.5I Rookie Trial Complete 6th wave of Trial of the Brave 100 Black Gold Stone
K3.5I Soul Upgrade Upgrade Energy Shield 4s 1c 500 28
K3.5I Learning a Proession Learn a Profession 12s 39c 831
K3.5S Bloody Black Gold Kill 0/12 Witek Priest, talk to Apton Carreston 8s 35c 1,480
K3.6 Break Through Escort Delia to Shawen 14s 22c 19,865 50
K3.7S Green Apple Collect Fruit Pile 3s 41c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
K3.7S Get the gems back Loot a small bag of gems from a Witek Scout
Talk to Sabiino Blackwater
3s 12c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
K3.7S Sabino's entrustment Talk to Atta 1s 58c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
K3.7 Witek Trouble Kill 0/6 Witek Priest, talk to Shawen Caadusidus 8s 40c 18,788 250
K3.8 Glorious Event: End Witek Problem Kill Witek High Priest 9s 60c 18,562 233
K3.9 Sunset Message Talk to Hestin Konmo 8s 40c 17,842 100
K3.10S Two Birds, One Stone Loot 0/7 Ordnance from Witek Hunter 9s 76c 1,956 Black Gold Stone
K3.10 Rescue Dusklight Kill 0/6 Witek Raiders 14s 22c 35,470 102
K3.11 Mysterious Messenger Loot Document from Cobas Dusklight 14s 22c 36,592 170 Belt
K3.12 Ranger Camp Talk to Shead Harenes (automatic trip) 8s 40c 39,621 51
K3.13 Get Intelligence Talk to Palberg Magnasol 1s 53c 26,895 85
K3.14 Meet elder Talk to Treant Elder, Talk to Palberg Magnasol 1s 56g 31,002 51
K3.15 Investigate conspiracy Investigate the Children of the Sun Hideout
Talk to Palberg Magnasol
1s 53c 29,635 69
K3.16 Urgent Situation Kill 0/3 Puppet Rider 3s 56c 36,586 69 Level 19
K3.17 Destroy strange egg Destroy Unhatched egg
Talk to Palberg Magnasol
3s 61c 39,666 69
K3.18 Calm again Talk to Palberg Magnasol 1s 53c 45,927 17
K3.19 Emergency Kill the Kimiraa 3s 79c 40,751 35 Boots
K3.20 Punish dryad Loot 0/3 Bark from Treant 3s 84c 39,652 69
K3.21 Threaten the elder Talk to Treant Elder 1s 59c 35,622 53
K3.22 Final battle Kill Tenark Feinan and loot head 3s 68c 42,365 71
K3.23 Glorious Event Proceed: Tempest Dragon Cavalry! Talk to Drikado in Diga Coast 14s 22c 41,232 213
K3.23S Unfortunate Merchant Escort Galbiky Veitch to Iliet Harenes 17s 7c 4,568 Black Gold Stone
K3.24 Clues Talk to Iliet Harenes 9s 38c 38,896 18
K3.24S Coneys Loot 18 Rabit Meat from Wild Rabbit 15s 63c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
K3.25 Healing Heal 0/3 Injured Fighter 17s 7c 36,993 18 Level 20
K3.26 Perimeter Defense Kill 0/5 Burning Sun Spy
Kill 0/5 Burning Sun Disciple
17s 7c 40,258 106
K3.26S Lost Weapons Loot 0/12 Lost Weapn from Burning Sun Spy/Disciple 17s 7c 2,285 Black Gold Stone
K3.27S Renew Weapons Loot 0/6 Tough Wolf Hide from Woodland Wolf 17s 7c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
K3.27S Woodland WOlf King Kill Woodland Wolf King 15s 63c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
K3.27 Scouting the Ruins Talk to Atrio Windstrom 15s 63c 50,991 89 Fearsome Homodont Manual

Chapter 4 Temporary Peace (0/38)[edit | edit source]

With Aurek's help, we repelled the Doomsday Cult and the Kruger Tribe, and rescued the son of the Gold Carp Chief. We've come a long way, but there's still more to do.
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure Value Rewards

Chapter 5 Deep in Enemies (0/22)[edit | edit source]

The Gold Carp Aquids didn't escape to the Diga Coast like the others. They pretended to surrender, and waited for an opportunity to strike. The Silver Carp in Kabomoer Village have uncovered the Gold Carp plan, though.

Chapter 6 Song of Heroes (0/31)[edit | edit source]

In order to protect the homeland, we must retrieve the Body of Ancabus and protect the Sculpted Stele. There's a lot at stake here.

Chapter 7 Discriminate Between Love and Hate (0/36)[edit | edit source]

The New Moon Werewolves have been true to their word. Even while under attack by the Darkmoon Werewolves, they still sent forces to help us out here at Kryllyn Keep.

Chapter 8 Dense Willow Trees and Bright Flowers (0/46)[edit | edit source]

Because they've been chasing the Children of the Sun, Kessel and his Holy Dawn Army are garrisoning here. They are tired. I must help them.

Chapter 9 Growing Crisis (0/52)[edit | edit source]

The Leader of the Flametongue Tribe, Pyrrathyrl, has been revived at the Place of the Searing Flames. The Mysterious Man near the Black Gold Forge has brought death and despair. The Doomsday Cult in the Daggon Lowlands are baring their teeth. And this is all just the beginning...
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