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Military Battlefield[edit | edit source]

In the contested mountains between Erlandir and Isenhorst, there sits an ancient and valuable fortress: the Blood Fang Citadel. Players in Black Gold Online can choose to join the fight in regularly occurring battlefields, teaming up with members of their own faction to take on the enemy in large-scale mounted battles on the deadly slopes of the mountain.

Joining In[edit | edit source]

Once players reach level 10, they will be able to participate in the Military Battlefield. Players can bring up the Military Battlefield menu by finding the button on the right-hand side of the UI, or pressing the hotkey “Y.”

The Military Battlefield at Bloodfang Citadel occurs every hour and lasts 30 minutes. Players can choose to join in and leave at any time during the battle. The longer a player participates, the greater the reward, and players will only be rewarded if they fight to the battles bloody end.

The Battle Map[edit | edit source]

Military Battlefields take place on an instanced battle map. Players who join will be teleported to the main base of their faction. The Northern base belongs to Isenhorst, while the Southern base belongs to Erlandir.

In the middle of the map is the mountain, atop it the precious fortress the Blood Fang Citadel. Along the sides of the mountain are winding paths, circling the slopes up to the top. Surrounding the mountain are foot hills, water-ways, and side paths.

Along the winding mountain paths are special “Drop Zones” where players can respawn, as well as bases where their faction’s Battle Carriers will appear. There are also flags, which must be captured in throughout the battle.

In addition to other players, the Military Battlefield is also populated by battlefield NPCs, who will fight each other and players in the struggle for victory.

Battle Carriers[edit | edit source]

The Military Battlefield is one of the primary venues in which players can participate in large-scale mounted combat. Players may summon their own Battle Carriers, or make use of Battle Carriers available at their factionally controlled bases.

Flags and Victory[edit | edit source]

Players begin at their home base and must fight up the mountain to the Citadel. Along the way, players must capture strategic flags. These flags offer rewards when the battle is over, as well as boosts to the power of their faction’s Battle Carriers.

Flags controlled by a faction will determine which bases a player can respawn at, and which bases will have their faction’s Battle Carriers available. When a faction captures a flag, the bases near to that flag will switch, with their own Battle Carriers replacing the enemies. Control of flags also gives power boosts to a factions own Battle Carriers: the more flags, the more powerful their carriers will be.

Whichever faction controls the central flag of the Blood Fang Citadel when time is up will be the victor. The rewards for victory will be determined by how long a player participated, if their faction won, and how many flags their faction controlled at the end of the battle.

Honor and Rank[edit | edit source]

Players will receive Honor as well as experience for killing enemy players.

Primary Kills will be awarded if they deal the finishing blow on an enemy. Honorary Kills will be awarded if they assisted in defeating an enemy, but did not themselves finish them off

Honor is tied to Military Rank – as players acquire more Honor, they will be able to rank up.

Military Rank allows players access to high level Battle Carriers, as well as a daily “Officer’s Salary” related to their rank. The higher one’s rank, the larger the salary. Officer’s Salaries come in the form of Carrier Point cards, which can be redeemed for the carrier points needed to use, repair, and upgrade Battle Carriers.

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