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"For as long as there has been magic, there have been those who delved into its darker secrets. The Occultists are a mysterious coven of formidable sorceresses who practice the ancient arts of dark mending. Their echoing sirens are both tempting and penetrating."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Occultist Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Occultist Skills for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Dark Spear Damage 30 + 110% Spell Attack
Primary L04 Murder of Crows Damage, Control 9 + 54% Magic Attack AOE DOT
Primary L06 Life Leech Heal, Damage 22 + 100% Spell Attack AOE and 22 + 100% Spell Attack AOE Heal
Primary L08 Astral Shield Survival, Control absorbs 28 + 102% Spirit
Primary L10 Healing Touch Heal, Damage Heals 154 + 169% Spirit
Primary L12 Castigate Damage, Control 73 + 142% Spell Attack, Slows
Primary L20 Blood Gamble Support converts 10% HP into 20% MP
Primary L22 Self Reflection Survival, Support adds Healing Bonus, damage reduction, Super Armor
Primary L24 Dark Pulse Damage 37 + 40% Spell attack DOT
Primary L26 Astral Cure Heal 57 + 58% Spirit AOE HOT
Primary L28 Nimble Mind Support removes cooldown of some spells
Mid-level L16 Retreating Blast Survival, Control 72 + 108% Spell Attack AOE, Stun, MP debuff
Mid-level L20 Chain Healing Heal heals 221 + 277% Spirit, bounces between allies
Mid-level L24 Soul Strike Damage 116 + 126% Spell Attack Dark damage, damage increases with target's HP
Mid-level L28 Urgent Renewal Heal heals 192 + 195% Spirit
Mid-level L32 One for All Heal heals target for 5% of maximum HP and AOE heal 202 + 138% Spirit
Mid-level L36 Prophet of Pain Damage, Support 90 + 54% Spell Attack DOT
Advanced L18 Panacea Heal, Support AOE dispels all debuffs, heals for 150 + 206% Spirit, damage reduction buff
Advanced L26 Phantasmal Slash Damage 90 + 91% Spell Attack AOE, AOE heals 54 + 55% Spell Attack with each hit, Silences
Advanced L36 Dark Savior Heal, Survival AOE HOT for 324 + 195% Spirit
Passive L01 Blessed One Passive +10% Spirit
Passive L01 Purple Gaze Passive 5% chance to clear all debuffs when hit

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