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"The Punishers are herald of chivalry, elite armored knights that protect the well-being of the Buvont Royalty. Characterized by their toughness, iconic shield-wielding techniques and superior swordsmanship, Punishers are amongst the finest, most disciplined legion ever assembled on the continent of Montel."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Punisher Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Punisher Skills for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Vengeful Slash Damage 30 + 120% Strength limited AOE
Primary L06 Death From Above Damage, Control 10 + 44% Physical Attack x4, Stun
Primary L08 Storm Chop Damage 12 + 42% Physical Attack x5
Primary L10 Blade Sweep Damage, Control 29 + 90% Physical Attack, Bleeding DOT, Slow, Healing Debuff
Primary L12 War Cry Support, Survival AOE Taunt and self buff
Primary L14 Rallying Cry Support AOE Physical Power buff and Rage regen buff
Primary L20 Grand Defense Survival, Damage Lowers attack power, increases defense, AOE damage shield that stuns
Primary L22 Shield Bash Damage 81 + 106% Physical Attack + 20% Armor limited AOE
Primary L24 Evasive Maneuver Support Super Armor + movement speed buff
Primary L26 Tactical Interception Damage, Support 100 + 102% Physical Attack, Slows, can Taunt
Primary L28 Heavenly Blessing Survival Armor buff, chance to get Rage and 1 stack of Rage of Punishment
Mid-level L04 Shield Rush Damage, Control 15 + 44% Strength + 20% Armor, knockdown, stun, damage taken debuff
Mid-level L20 Storm Blessing Damage, Support Clears 1 randomd debuff, AOE DOT for 1% Max HP, damage relfection
Mid-level L24 Soul Whip Damage, Control 99 + 106% Strnegth AOE, Slow
Mid-level L28 Divine Intervention Survival Armor buff
Mid-level L32 Doomslam Damage 226 + 149% Physical Attack AOE
Mid-level L36 Power of Faith Survival, Support Damage Absorption shield
Advanced L18 Benediction Survival, Support Physical attack, armor, aggro buff and AOE group debuff
Advanced L26 Final Judgment Damage, Control 113 + 114% Physical Attack AOE, Knockback, Stun, group buff
Advanced L36 Eviscerating Whirlwind Damage 117 + 70% Physical Attack AOE, slows, Super Armor
Passive L01 Attack Proficiency Passive Rage increases by 8 points if target is hit with Belief
Passive L01 Defensive Proficiency Passive +10% Armor and +20% Hatred from skills
Class Punisher man.png Class Punisher woman.png
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