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"Blessed under the Radiant Sun, Pyromancers ascend to the perfect conduit for the burning power of fire. Trained since birth, Pyromancers are well versed in arts of flame-weaving techniques. They are weavers of devastating area of effect spells that are mana-intensive and require them to be in an uninterrupted trance."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Pyromancer Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Pyromancer Skills for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Bolt Spear Damage 38 + 110% Spell Attack
Primary L08 Invigoration Recovery Regenerates 8% MP/second for 4 seconds
Primary L10 Fireball Damage 70 +120% Spell Attack
Primary L12 Searing Aegis Survival Absorbs 200% Intelligence in damage
Primary L14 Hellfire Rain Damage 63 + 57% Intelligence Fire AOE
Primary L16 Scorching Torrent Damage 72 + 108% Intelligence DOT
Primary L18 Clarion Call Support Group buffs Physical and Spell Power by Intelligence * 0.5
Primary L22 Crippling Flame Support Movement, Resistance, and Healing Effect debuff
Primary L24 Shockwave Control, Support 87 + 94% Spell Attack AOE, paralyzes
Primary L26 Neuroblast Damage 100 + 102% Spell Attack, paralyzes
Primary L28 Fulminate Damage 123 + 128% Spell Attack, knockback
Mid-level L04 Incineration Damage, Control 13 + 30% Spell Attack AOE
13 + 81% Spell Attack AOE + knockback
Mid-level L06 Chain Lightning Damage 19 + 88% Intelligence chain AOE
Mid-level L20 Flicker Survival Teleports, removes control debuffs
Mid-level L24 Convection Blast Damage 151 + 105% Spell Attack cone AOE
Mid-level L32 Wall of Fire Damage, Control 39 + 67% Intelligence AOE DOT
Mid-level L36 Power Drain Support AOE damage debuff
Advanced L18 Ion Beam Damage, Control 345 + 430% Spell Attack, removes all buffs
Advanced L26 Fan the Flames Support Absorbs magic energy, buffs critical hit rate
Advanced L36 Enervating Cloud Support AOE Spell Power debuff and MP drain
Passive L01 Blessing of Fire Passive Buffs +20% critical hit rate for 3 seconds with each critical hit
Passive L01 Pyromania Passive deals 20% Spell Power DOT and healing debiff for 3 seconds


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