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"Skycallers harness the powers of wind and water to devastate opponents with area of effect spells, snares, and debuffs"

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Skycaller Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Concentrated Blas Damage 30 + 84% Spell Attack, may paralyze
Primary L04 Punishing Gale Damage 13 + 77% Spell Attack, may Knockback
Primary L06 Wind Spear Damage 31 + 50% Spell Attack, 200% damage bonus
Primary L10 Ice Storm Damage 28 + 88% Intelligence + Slow AOE DOT
Primary L10 Deadly Torrent Damage 26 + 81% Intelligence DOT, Knockback
Primary L14 Water Dungeon Control Cages enemies for 3 seconds, immobilizes and skill lock
Primary L16 Wind's Grace Damage 65 + 97% Spell Attack AOE, caster movement buff
Primary L18 Twister Damage, Support 90 + 98% Magic Attack, clears one buff, Knockback
Primary L20 Rejuvenation Support Recovers 10% MP over 20 seconds, removes one debuff
Primary L22 Therapeutic Cleansing Heal, Damage AOE HOT and 44 + 70% Intelligence DOT
Mid-level L08 Frost Spikes Damage, Control 31 + 141% Spell Power and Freeze
Mid-level L16 Cold Snap Control AOE Freeze for 3 seconds
Mid-level L18 Transposition Survival switches position with target, caster movement buff
Mid-level L22 Wind Shield Survival, Support Critical hit buff and Damage reduction shield
Mid-level L24 Break Glacier Damage 205 + 135% Spell Attack AOE, damage debuff
Mid-level L26 Cry of the Abyss Control enemies transported back to Abyss Gate's location
Advanced L18 Baleful Vortex Damage Movement buff + Super Armor, 70 + 96% Spell Attack DOT
Advanced L26 Glacial Protection Survival, Recovery Caster HOT, explodes for 50% Intelligence AOE and freezes
Passive L01 Frost Marks Passive stack marks on target to Freeze target, and do 50% more damage
Passive L01 Calmness Passive 15% chance per attack to recover 1% MP, bonus effects

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