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"Spectromancers: weaver of forbidden curses, inheritor of the shadowy realm. These unorthodox sorcerers fuse steam tech with powers of dark magic. As versatile casters with expertise in instantaneous spells, they are brilliant tacticians and commanders."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Spectromancer Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Arcane Missile Damage 47 + 38% Spell Attack
Primary L04 Cursed Flames Damage 24 + 47% Spell Attack, burns target for 12 seconds
Primary L08 Dragon Lance Damage, Support 29 + 90% Magic Attack, damage taken debuff, can be charged
Primary L12 Soul Smite Damage 32 + 62% Spell Attack + Knockdown + DOT
Primary L14 Rune Blast Damage, Control 30 + 52% Spell Attack AOE + knockback
Primary L16 Sorcery Mark Support damage taken debuff, MP regen buff for caster
Primary L18 Soul Boost Support Buffs Spell Power by 10%
Primary L20 Spell Storm Support 99 + 124% Intelligence AOE, inflicts multiple effects on targets
Primary L24 Dark Slice Damage 132 + 142% Intelligence AOE, stacks Weaken vs Dark Slice
Primary L26 Haunt Damage, Control 81 + 83% Intelligence, hit rate debuff
Primary L28 Telemancy Survival, Control teleports caster back and forth
Mid-level L06 Dark Strike Damage, Control 39 + 146% Spell Attack AOE + Knockback
Mid-level L20 Lethargy Damage, Control 115 + 144% Spell Attack AOE, movement and healing taken debuffs
Mid-level L24 Tremor Damage, Control 93 + 101% Intelligence AOE + Knockback
Mid-level L28 Dark Cleanse Survival Super Armor, removes all debuffs, 3 seconds of invincibility
Mid-level L32 Mana Blast Support 161 + 53% Intelligence + 53% Constitution AOE + Knockback
Mid-level L36 Somnolence Control, Survival Puts target to Sleep for 5 seconds
Advanced L18 Cursed Rune Damage, Recovery 63 + 75% Spell Attack x3
Advanced L26 Doomcall Damage, Control 143 + 146% Spell Attack AOE + Stun
Advanced L36 Blood Ritual Damage, Control 151 + 91% Spell Attack x3 + Knockback
Passive L01 Spirit Medium Passive chance of stacking critical hit buff
Passive L01 Cursed Vengeance Passive automatic critical hit when hit by critical hit
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