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"The ambitious dream of wielding devastating sorcery and exceptional swordplay is realized in these protégées. More agile than the standard mage and better suited for spell-weaving than warriors, their strikes are amorphous and lethally unpredictable. Their rare talent is fully utilized under the Erlandir banner and a deadly force to be reckoned with."

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Spellsword Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Hunter's Dash Damage, Control 32 + 63% Physical Attack, Stuns
Primary L04 Forward Slice Damage, Survival 21 + 33% Agility x4, knockback
Primary L06 Searing Slash Damage 16 + 70% Agility Fire, adds Fire Added, stacks Wrath of Searing Flesh
Primary L12 Ethereal Aura Survival, Support Damage reduction buff, AOE group HP buff
Primary L14 Astral Blade Damage, Support 30 + 50% Physical Attack x3
Primary L16 Blade Breaker Damage, Control 37 + 56% Physical Attack x3 + Knockback
Primary L18 Upper Cut Damage, Support 6 + 90% Agulity AOE + Knockback, Poisons targets
Primary L20 Ice Crystal Damage, Control 63 + 79% Agility + Slow, heals caster, adds Frost Enhancement
Primary L22 Malediction Damage, Control 109 + 129% Spell Attack, movement and spell resistance debuff, chance to silence
Primary L24 Storm Call Damage, Support 114 + 123% Physical attack AOE, armor debuff, reveals hidden enemies
Primary L28 Demon Blade Damage, Control 61 + 58% Physical Attack x3, MP debuff, knockback, heal debuff
Mid-level L08 Triple Slash Damage 82% Agility x2 + 165% Agulity + Knockback
Mid-level L16 Demoinc Channel Survival Removes control debuffs, buffs Attack strength and movement speed
Mid-level L20 Spike Call Damage, Control 73 + 91% Physical Attack + AOE Knockback + AOE Stun
Mid-level L24 Mana Fist Damage, Control 261 + 282% Physical Attack + Knockback
Mid-level L28 Elemental Shield Survival, Support adds Flame Shield or Frost Shield
Advanced L18 Berserker Carve Damage, Survival 52 + 71% Physical Attack, damage increases when close to target
Advanced L26 Ethereal Sword Damage, Survival Summons a magical sword 85 + 56% Physical Attack, then 36% Physical Attack
Passive L01 Thunder's Touch Passive 10% chance to gain 15 MP and remove cooldown of Storm Call
Class Spellsword man.png Class Spellsword woman.png