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"Thaumaturges summon cursed spirits to deal damage over time, sending enemies fleeing in terror"

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

  • Can Summon a Descending Specter or Dark Servant

Thaumaturge Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Thanatic Strike Damage 8 + 110% Spell Attack
Primary L04 Toxic Miasma Damage 14 + 85% Magic Attack AOE DOT
Primary L12 12 Exploding Minions Summon, Damage 22 + Spell Power * 0.42 AOE damage
Primary L14 Tartaric Channel Damage 63 + Spirit * 1.07 AOE DOT
Primary L16 Dark Sap Heal, Damage 63 + 65% Spell Attack AOE DOT and self HOT 63 + 65% Spell Attack
Primary L18 Muting Torment Damage, Control 39 + 66% Spirit AOE DOT, chance to Silence
Primary L20 Healer's Bane Damage 58 + 73% AOE DOT, healing targets does double damage
Primary L22 Spirit Chain Damage 42 + Spirit * 0.7, chains up to 5 targets, increases damage with each target
Primary L24 Mortal Terror Support AOE knockback and debuff
Mid-level L06 Spirit Bash Control, Damage 23 + Spirit * 1.04 + Knockback
Mid-level L08 Dark Needles Damage 43 + 109% Spell Attack DOT
Mid-level L24 Weakening Curse Damage 104 + Spell Attack * 1.13, damage taken debuff
Mid-level L28 Transference Control 60% of damage taken transferred to target
Mid-level L32 Soften the Blow Survival, Heal AOE buff that heals 76+ Spell Power * 0.15 per hit
Mid-level L36 Spiritual Cleanse Support Removes all debuffs from group, Max HP and Attack Power buff
Advanced L18 Debilitating Strike Control, Damage 127 + 175% Intelligence, immobilizes
Advanced L26 Demonic Protector Summon, Damage Summons a Demonic Protector for 30 seconds
Advanced L36 Revelation Damage 451 + 130% Spirit x3
Passive L01 Erudition Passive +10% Intelligence
Passive L01 Magic Mastery Passive +20% MP regeneration
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