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Chapter 1 Reclaim the Lake (0/43)[edit | edit source]

A lake in the Sunrise Hills was polluted by Black Prince loyalists. The pollution itself has been cleaned up, but the fate of Antonio is still unknown.
ID Quest Objectives Money Experience Treasure Value Rewards
Y1.1 Peaceful Lake Winds Talk to Lawson Schroeder 25c 130 4 Level 2
Y1.2 Crisis at Lakelight Village Investigate the lake 75c 180 8
Y1.3 Reason Talk to Benson Silver 25c 150 4 Level 3
Y1.4 Troublesome Black Prince Kill the Wandering Thief 1s 32c 350 14 Trinket
Y1.5 Make Antidote Buy a Neutralizer from Ron 1s 32c 250 9 Level 4
Y1.6 End Immediate Danger Use Clean Water Potion at lakeside 1s 37c 623 10
Y1.7 Farmland Goods Talk with Mike Silver (temporary mount) 1s 98c 666 10 Level 5
Y1.8 Explore dungeons Loot the Wizard's Secret Treasure from the dungeon 2s 43c 540 Ring, Energy Shield Enhancer x5
Y1.9 Soul level increase Receive Energy Shield, [F8], Enhance 5 times 75c 580 6
Y1.10 Mount Riding Guide [B], right-click on Guardian's Treasure, right-click on Mount 1s 37c 783 6 Level 6, Weapon
Y1.11 Harvest Collect (0/2) Fresh Trenchleaves 1s 98c 536 15 Black Gold Energy x6
Y1.12 Valleystream Farm Talk to Carol Silver 75c 529 6
Y1.13 Bombing Talk to Ben Silver 1s 24c 953 25 Top armor
Y1.14 Pumpkin Harvest Collect (0/2) Delicate Pumpkins 2s 39c 1,326 14 Level 7
Y1.15 Expelling Boars Kill (0/3) Ravenous Boar 1s 94c 749 21 Pants
Y1.16 Nation's Pride Talk to Alvina Brando (automatic trip) 1s 59c 1,763 16
Y1.17 Find Antonio Talk to Wild Antonio 2s 97c 1,528 32 Level 8
Y1.18 Antidote Collect Blood Withering Fungus 2s 97c 1,439 18 Ring
Y1.19 Crying Alone Talk to Alvina Brando 2s 4c 2,133 9 Helmet
Y1.20 Collect Wild Fruit Collect (0/2) Wild Fruit, talk to Frand Sammu 2s 34c 4,362 40 Level 9, Ring, Energy Shield Enhancer x5
Y1.21 Soul level increase [F8], enhance Energy Shield 5 times 2s 97c 2,625 22
Y1.22 Feed the Beast Feed Tenderfooot Homodont 2s 43c 3,256
Y1.23 Learn how to tame a battle mount [B], right-click on Taming Manual 2s 43c 3,304 Level 10
Y1.24 Tame Battle Beast [R], click on Tame, Confirm x3 2s 43c 3,231 Battle Carrier
Y1.25 Return to Zinsen Island Enter Portal, talk to Nafarin Moonstorm 2s 42c 4,230
Y1.26 Scout Mount the Air Carrier, Automatically fly around the island 2s 43c 4,514 Carrier Card (50)
Y1.27 Get on the Carrier Summon the Battle Carrier 2s 43c 4,514
Y1.28 Clear Victory Kill the Fortress, talk to Frand Sammu 2s 43c 4,514 Cape
Y1.29 Title [C], Activate Title 2s 43c 4,514 Level 11
Y1.30 Sailing Goodbye Talk to Chiron Sailfin (automatic trip ) 2s 34c 2,874 30 Bracers
Y1.31 Lost Tribe Use the Horn of the Sea God on Lost Tribal Elite 2s 72c 14,658 42
Y1.32 Small Carp Rebel Soldiers Kill (0/4) Small Carp Rebel Soldier 2s 97c 12,362 42
Y1.33 Small Carp Shaman Kill Ment Smallcarp 2s 97c 11,327 22 Level 12, Potion x5
Y1.34I Activate Merestone Talk to Aertallas 8c 1,172
Y1.34I Use Merestone Click on Lakelight Village Merestone, talk to Benson Silver 8c 1,172
Y1.34 Wind Roar Camp Talk to Fran Gnia 2s 72c 19,632 33 Boots
Y1.35 Recycle weapons Collect Sharpened Weapon 6s 81c 18,320 46 Weapons
Y1.36 Weaken the strength Destroy the Source of Power 69c 22,270 58 Level 13
Y1.37 Battle for the Valley Kill Egransar 7s 76c 48,350 58 Copper Medal x9
Y1.37I Trial of the Brave Complete first wave 14s 95c 21,000 12
Y1.38 Paragon Army (Activate the Windhowl Pass Merestone), Talk to Rantherine Tensen 3s 10c 37,166 35 Level 14
Y1.39 Query Talk to Crowdo Ulyuer 71c 40,235 49
Y1.40 Dangerous Sneak Attack Kill Cobas Dusklight's Ghost 15s 10c 43,281 77 Level 15, Energy Shield Upgrade
Y1.41 Soul Upgrade [F8], Upgrade Energy Shield 71c 3,257 49 Energy Shield Energy x10
Y1.42 Eliminate Hidden Dangers Kill (0/3) Ethereal Horror 5s 10,000 24
Y1.43 Sweep Them Collect (0/2) Magic Crystals 5s 10,000 24

Chapter 2 Solar Eclipse Tome (0/20)[edit | edit source]

The Children of the Sun now occupy the Pit of Doom. We must retrieve the Solar Eclipse Tome from them and stop them from collecting ancient relics at the Sun Agora. We must also hope that Catherine and Antonio return safely.
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure
Y2.1 Disaster Kill (0/3) Blackened Assassin
Talk to Crowdo Ulvuer
1s 28c 20,523 36
Y2.2 Cure Cure 0/2 Injured Residents 78c 22,235 12
Y2.3 Economic crisis Talk to Raul 65c 22,523 13
Y2.4 Rich in Seafood Collect 0/2 Magnificent Pearls 1s 10c 23,145 64
Y2.5 Solve the crisis Talk to Crowdo Ulyuer 98c 18,698 13 Level 16
Y2.6 An Order that must be Obeyed Kill Black Prince Sub-Commander
Talk to Rantherine Tensen
3s 10c 23,358 77 Pants
Y2.7 The Black Prince's People Kill 0/4 Black Prince Scout 9s 25c 21,275 135
Y2.8 Continue Battle Loot 0/3 Rabbit Flesh from Dawnlight Rabbits
Talk to Rantherine Tensen
1s 89c 19,335 54
Y2.9 Deliver a Letter to Paragon Talk to Broderick Channing 4s 41c 17,235 27
Y2.10 Guard the Idol Kill 0/3 Idol Destroyers 9s 25c 16,325 81 Trinket, ID Coin x3
Y2.11 Holy Stone Light Collect a Holy Light Stone Fragment 1s 89c 23,425 67
Y2.12 A Piece of Cake Kill 0/3 Black Prince Strong Soldier 9s 25c 18,552 142 Top Armor
Y2.13 Repair the sacred statue Use the Holy Light Stone on the Sacred Statue 1s 1c 17,558 71
Y2.14 Strange Military Order Spy on Waterfall Camp, talk to Adrin Barnett 6s 17c 22,546 57
Y2.15 Black Prince General Use the potion on Hawke Mondo
Kill Hawke Mondo
Talk to Obri Poise
9s 25c 18,963 71 Level 17
Y2.16 Lakeside Rescue Talk to Catherine Ulyuer (automatic trip) 6s 17c 20,458 14
Y2.17 Poisoners Loot Antidote from Black Prince Poisoner 9s 25c 18,959 135 Helmet
Y2.18 Dispel Poison Use Antidote on Antonio Ricaludo 9s 25c 28,300 15
Y2.17S Final Wish Collect 0/8 Wild Fruit 10s 27c 1,858 Black Gold Stone
Y1.42I Explore Concealed Tunnel 6s 2c 8,854 Magic Synthesis Potion
Y2.19 Plunderer Kill 0/8 Black Prince Grabber 9s 25c 26,532 120
Y2.20S The Trailsmen Kill 0/8 Black Prince Trailsmen 9s 25c 1,856 Black Gold Stone
Y2.20S Priests Kill 0/9 Black Prince Priest, talk to Catherine 10s 27c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
Y2.20S Life and Death Protect Antonio Ricaludo 14s 22c 3,712 Black Gold Stone
Y2.20 Dawn Road Talk with Shazo Connell (automatic trip) 6s 17c 27,852 45 Agile Homodont Manual

Chapter 3 On the Road Again (0/26)[edit | edit source]

Take Catherine and Anthony's information to Commander Ricaludo and then head for Fogmoon Forest
ID Quest Task(s) Money XP Treasure
Y3.1 Solar Eclipse Tome Loot Solar Eclipse Tome from Children of the Sun Believer
Talk to Shazo Connell
10s 27c 24,365 165
Y3.1S Revenge Kill 0/8 Children of the Sun Believer 14s 22c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
Y3.1S Wolf Troubles Kill 0/12 Eastern Blood Wolf 10s 34c 2,064 Black GoldStone
Y3.1S Wolf King Kill Alpha Hornwolf 14s 22c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
Y3.1S Children of the Sun Priest Kill 0/6 Children of the Sun Priest 10s 45c 2,064 Black Gold Stone
Y3.1S Relice of Children of the Sun Loot Relic from Children of the Sun Priest 10s 34c 2.064 Black Gold Stone
Y3.1S Archon's salvation Protect Howard Moltiny 10s 27c 4,128 Black Gold Stone
Y3.2 Kill wolves Kill 0/3 Eastern Blood Wolf
Kill Alpha Hornwolf
2s 61c 35,214 135
Y3.3 Ancient Ruins Talk to Balows Ulvuer 10s 34c 24,566 16 Level 18
Y3.4 Witek Scout Kill 0/6 Witek Scout 10s 27c 26,024 63 Cloak
Y3.4I Rookie Trial
Y3.4I Soul Upgrade
Y3.4I Mysterious Dungeon
Y3.4I Learning a Profession
Y3.5 Corpse Wrap Collect 0/3 Paragon Dogtag 14s 22c 23,569 111
Y3.6 Witek Spear Loot 0/4 Witek Spear from Witek Spear Thrower
Talk to Spence Percy
10s 27c 28,282 158
Y3.7 Witek Hunter Kill 0/4 Witek Hunter 2s 45c 32,166 158
Y3.8 Witek Priest Kill 0/3 Witek Priest 14s 22c 29,635 158
Y3.9 Preparation Collect 0/5 Weak Herb 2s 87c 25,986 100
Y3.10 Come to an End Use Weakening Potion on Kusaban Dusklight
Kill Kusaban Dusklight, talk to Balows Ulyuer
10s 34c 35,621 167
Y3.11 Hill Bear Kill 0/4 Hill Bear 2s 87c 30,236 150 Belt
Y3.12 Meet the Commander Talk to Sherman Ricaludo (automatic trip) 4s 41c 28,963 233
Y3.13S Dulan Herb 8s 32c Collect 0/6 Dulan Herb 1,662 Black Gold Stone
Y3.13S I'm hungry Loot 0/6 Fresh Wolf Flesh from Eastern Bloodwolf 8s 33c 1,662 Black Gold Stone
Y3.13S Beautiful clothes Loot 0/6 Bear Mane Fur from Hill Bear 8s 33c 1,662 Black Gold Stone
Y3.13S Tableware is badly needed Collect 0/6 tableware 4s 41c 1,480
Y3.13S Lost Food Talk with Reg 5s 56c 852 Black Gold Stone
Y3.13S Retake the Food Loot 0/8 Feedstuff from Black Prince Robber 7s 33c 1,662 Black Gold Stone
Y3.13S Ronnie's Plea Talk to Ronnie 5s 56c 852 Black Gold Stone
Y3.13S Ronnie's Rage Kill 0/8 Children of the Sun Believer 8s 33c 1,662 Black Gold Stone
Y3.13 On the Road Again Talk to Albert Rich
Talk to Steve /giotto in Fogmoon Forest (automatic trip)
10s 34c 34,895 238 Level 19
Y3.14 Raise battle reserves Collect 0/3 Staunch Herbs
Loot 0/4 Pork from Wild Boar
1s 83c 36,254 119
Y3.15 Get Rid of the Wolves Kill 0/6 Woodland Wolf, talk to Fancdo Hogan 1s 83c 29,896 85
Y3.16 Deadly Venom Loot 0/8 Ant Venom from Yellow-Spotted Venomant
Talk to Steve Giotto
1s 83c 38,012 102
Y3.17S Help the Deputy Talk to Corean Bant 1s 84c 1,142 Black Gold Stone
Y3.17S Silence is a Virtue Kill 0/8 Moon Light Horned Eagle 1s 83c 2,284 Black Gold Stone
Y3.17 Transport Reserves Talk to Lori Albert
Talk to Hoca Ston (autmatic trip)
1s 83c 36,676 139
Y3.18 Report to Commander Talk to Tom Coret 1s 83c 32,569 17 Boots
Y3.19 Clear obstacles Kill 0/4 Flame Concealer 1s 54c 29,658 122
Y3.19S Look for Stanton Talk to Stanton Green 2s 1,142 Black Gold Stone
Y3.19S Making the Walking Stick Collect 0/3 Stick 2s 2,284 Black Gold Stone
Y3.19S Save Stanton Escort Stanton to Tom Coret 2s 4,568 Black Gold Stone
Y3.20 Destroy the Altar Use Magic Energy Stone on Eastern Energy Column
Talk to Toby Cruzl
2s 29,996 208
Y3.21 An End to the Troubles Kill 0/6 Flame Priest, talk to Tom Coret 2s 36,986 174
Y3.22 Frontline Intelligence Talk to Norris Eyring 42,356 35
Y3.22S A Foot in the Door Kill 0/8 Flame Guard 2s 2,284 Black Gold Stone
Y3.22S Concealer Kill 0/8 Flame Conealer 2s 2,284 Black Gold Stone
Y3.23 The Sun Agora Explore the Sun Agora 2s 4c 40,253 89 Level 20
Y3.24 Frantic Believers Kill 0/6 Flame Zealots 2s 4c 35,862
Y3.24S Ambush! Kill 0/8 Flame Ambushers 2s 4c 4,570 Black Gold Stone
Y3.24S Kill the Spellbinders Kill 0/8 Flame Spellbinders
Talk to Norris Eyring
2s 4c 4,570 Black Gold Stone
Y3.25 Find the planted agent Talk to Charles Stewart 1s 69c 49,687 53
Y3.26 Flame Spellbinder Kill 0/5 Flame Spellbinders 3s 12c 42,717 142 Fearsome Homodont Manual

Chapter 4 New Moon Ally (0/30)[edit | edit source]

Darkmoon Werewolf and Children of the Sun have joined forces. Luckily, we have New Moon Werewolves fighting with us. Failure is not an option!

Chapter 5 Deep in Enemies (0/22)[edit | edit source]

The Gold Carp Aquids didn't escape to the Diga Coast like the others. They pretended to surrender, and waited for an opportunity to strike. The Silver Carp in Kabomoer Village have uncovered the Gold Carp plan, though.

Chapter 6 Song of Heroes (0/31)[edit | edit source]

In order to protect the homeland, we must retrieve the Body of Ancabus and protect the Sculpted Stele. There's a lot at stake here.

Chapter 7 Discriminate Between Love and Hate (0/36)[edit | edit source]

The New Moon Werewolves have been true to their word. Even while under attack by the Darkmoon Werewolves, they still sent forces to help us out here at Kryllyn Keep.

Chapter 8 Dense Willow Trees and Bright Flowers (0/46)[edit | edit source]

Because they've been chasing the Children of the Sun, Kessel and his Holy Dawn Army are garrisoning here. They are tired. I must help them.

Chapter 9 Growing Crisis (0/52)[edit | edit source]

The Leader of the Flametongue Tribe, Pyrrathyrl, has been revived at the Place of the Searing Flames. The Mysterious Man near the Black Gold Forge has brought death and despair. The Doomsday Cult in the Daggon Lowlands are baring their teeth. And this is all just the beginning...
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