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"Beast Masters are true hunters and explorers. Beast Masters wield large axes in battle while their pets fight alongside them."

Detailed InformationEdit

Beastmaster SkillsEdit

See: Beastmaster Skills for skill details

Skill Type Unlock Skill Type Effect(s)
Primary L01 Wounded Prey Damage 56 + 84% Physical Attack, Slow
Primary L04 Fury Charge Damage, Control 68 + 81% Strength, Knockdown
Primary L10 Stubborn Wound Damage 33 + 103% Physical Attack, Healing effect debuff
Primary L10 Wrath of Nature Damage 33 + 103% Strength DOT
Primary L12 Master's Aid Support Pet takes 40% of Beastmaster's damage
Primary L14 Spirit Drain Support 39 + 67% Strength, converts heals to damage debuff
Primary L16 Mighty Chop Damage 74 + 112% Physical Attack, Stun, Knockback
Primary L18 Frost Rune Support, Control Freezes target
Primary L20 Rune of Silence Support Silences target
Primary L24 Animal Instinct Support +15% critical hit rate, detect cloaked enemies
Primary L28 Hunter's Rally Support +5% group attack buff, stacks 4 times
Mid-level L06 Berserker Whirl Damage 63 + 88% Physical Attack AOE
Mid-level L08 Verdant Roar Damage 111 + 86% Physical Attack AOE, Slow
Mid-level L24 Hasty Retreat Survival Movement speed and evasion buff
Mid-level L28 Second Wind Support Super Armor, Fury if below 30% Max HP
Mid-level L32 Glaring Weakness Support +25% damage to target
Mid-level L36 Chaos Split Damage, Control 196 + 118% Physical Attack, Stun
Advanced L18 Brutal Fury Damage, Control 102 + 140% Physical Attack AOE, AOE Knockback
Advanced L26 Totemic Doom Damage Summons totem that explodes for 203 + 200% Physical Attack
Advanced L36 On the Prowl Survival AOE + Silence, Beastmaster goes into Stealth mode
Passive L01 Beast Trainer Passive Pets level up along with their master
Passive L01 Unleashed Passive the damage your pet deals can vary widely
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